Florida's Pro Day & The Colts


I wanted to share with you some of the things I noticed at the Florida Gators pro day on March 12, involving the Colts scouts and which players they seemed to be most interested in. Greg Manusky was there and I haven't identified who the one scout is yet (younger guy). Here are some of my own notes on what I observed (I think I watched Manusky and the the unknown scout more than I did the players…):

Linebackers: Jon Bostic, Jelani Jenkins

Both guys were at the front of the pack watching these guys run their position drills. The unknown scout was taking a lot of notes after each of the players ran their drill. Occasionally, both would make a quick comment to the players as they jogged by. Afterwards, while the rest of the heard moved to the other side of the field to watch more drills, Manusky went out of his way to wait around for a good 5 minutes or so to chat with Jon Bostic and shake his hand.

Safeties: Matt Elam, Josh Evans, Moses Jenkins (former Gator)

They watched the safeties (and lone DB) workout pretty intently, and they had their eyes completely fixated on Matt Elam, making several notes. They would occasionally whisper to each other after Evans and Elam ran a drill. Manusky seemed to be pretty chummy with Elam, making several comments back and forth to him, cracking some smiles and laughter, swapping some back-pats after running a drill, and then ending with a handshake. It seemed pretty obvious that they were well acquainted prior to the workout.

Defensive Lineman: Omar Hunter, Earl Okine, Brandon Antwine (former Gator), Lawrence March (former Gator), NOTE: Sharrif Floyd did not workout siting minor injury

Both guys watched the entirety of the DL run their workouts, bookending them as they ran their drills. The one scout took notes on occasion.

Offensive Lineman: Xavier Nixon, Sam Robey, James Wilson, Carl Johnson (former Gator), Phil Trautwein (former Gator)

Only the one scout watched the offensive lineman run their drills, and Manusky left for the locker room. He watched them all pretty intently, and only seemed to take notes after Xavier Nixon ran.

Running Back, Wide Receivers, Kickers, Tight Ends:

Only the one scout nonchalantly observed Jordan Reed (TE) and the receivers, but took no notes or focused too much on any individual player. They both watched Mike Gillislee run his 40, making a quick note (blue), and did not watch the kickers at all.

Just some observations I thought you guys might enjoy hearing about. Having a hard time posting the pictures I took, but I'll try and work on that... It was my first experience with a Pro Day, pretty cool stuff! Would love to see some of my Gators put on the Colts blue!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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