End of Semester Thoughts from my Prison

As my names implies I am indeed stuck behind enemy lines as I am Tennessee born and bred. I currently attend the University of Tennessee and own more Peyton Manning shirts than the normal UT kid should. Now, my favorite thing to do is talk smack to these less than knowledgeable Titans fans...and making fun of Bud. Now I'm going to get to the point of this whole post which is my thoughts on some of the offseason moves, now that I think they are done for the most part, and the fact that another year of college has come to an end and I have time.

Free Agency
I loved all the moves we made in Free Agency. I feel that we took care of some major needs by getting Landry, Cherilus, Toler, and Thomas. I always wanted the Colts to go crazy in the offseason only to see nothing happen. However this year, our Colts got a huge hard hitting safety, some pretty good linemen (on both sides of the ball), and a cornerback that I believe will be fun to watch. Now, I know we overpaid for some of these guys but hear me out. As a business kid I have recently finished some courses dealing in Management and one of the concepts we covered is that if a person feels that they are overpaid they will work harder to make it seem as though they aren't overpaid. In essence Grigson gave these guys contracts and said you have a year to work hard, you show me something you can stick around and make bank. Yes, this is a gamble, and yes, this is only speculation. But Grigson is the first GM I have heard about watching a ton of film and working his ass off to find out everything about a player and even bringing players into his office to say give me effort or there is the door. Also I love the signing of VFL Aubrayo Franklin, he is, uh, kinda good for an old guy. There is no signing I don't like.

The Draft
I am a huge draft junkie and spent all three days, well two and a half (missed most of Friday night) watching and assessing the picks that we made. My favorite pick of the whole draft for the Colts is, wildcard, Hugh Thornton. Remember a couple years back when we had Charlie Johnson and Jake Scott? Yeah, those guys were kinda good at their positions I feel Thornton will be the guard we've been looking for ever since. I admit, I wasn't excited when we didn't get a flashy player but as soon as I saw how big he was and heard "plays with a mean streak" I immediately looked him up. This kid is going to FINISH some blocks and I'm excited to see him play. Also I expect Werner to play on third downs and be rotated with Walden because he has played the left side more and if you can gather 13 sacks in college while rushing from the left side, well...damn, we got a good one. There was not one pick I was upset with and I have seen Cunningham play, he made some crucial catches against my Vols and he blocks extremely well, he will be our best blocking tight end this year in my opinion.

I, like Brad, think that Sheldon Price might make the leap to the NFL, will it be soon? Not exactly, but if he has the desire to work hard I will love for him to takeover a dimeback or nickelback position if he improves enough. He is a big, fast kid and when I was in high school I hated to go up against corners who were almost the same size as me (6'03) and Price is that. His length is something that will help him in coverage because he will be able to cover a lot of ground. Dan Moore will be an awesome fullback to have, the guy just screams old school, big, ripped, white kid taking on blockers and delivering punishment, What isn't to love? Finally, I hope Rumble is a diamond in a rough because he has a badass name. (Note to Mr. Wells, the sign isn't to be a Purdue guy, but a Boston College guy. one of the UDFA is an OT from Boston College, that makes three of them, at the same position, on our line)

Finally I am going to be touching on the A.Q. Shipley trade. I was upset when I first got the news much like everyone else but then I remember we are switching systems this year. In Pep's offense he wants to be able to run the ball, which is Satele's strength. If you think about it in terms of production at his old team Satele helped get Darren McFadden to his 1,000 yard rushing season, so yeah, you can say run blocking is his thing. I feel that Holmes will be a serviceable back-up and will eventually take the starting role by the end of the season. Satele fits the system better which is what made Shipley tradeable.

Well that's about all I got for now, feel free to bash, agree, or discuss with me some of your thoughts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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