Im bored, Lets talk about RJF

I know what you're thinking now: OH OHHH, NUTCASE FREDDIE IS ABOUT TO HAVE A RANT

This post comes after having a solid discussion with World's #2 Armchair GM, who brought up some savvy and fantastic points about RJF and made me open my eyes to the reports and articles about this guy.


Three words were reoccurring in articles about RJF: Solid, Underrated and Versatile. Bingo. He has only played 27% of snaps, but given he was stuck behind Ray MacDonald and Justin Smith on that all star DLine, you can sense there may be a hidden gem in that depth chart. San Francisco had some sort of interest to resign RJF, which is a sign of a player with starting talent. Contrary, someone like Walden did not want to be resigned by the Packers, which I've been displeased about as barely any Packer fans wanted back. Not only was there interest by his old team, but elsewhere there was teams organizing meetings with him, so GMs saw this talent.

THE CONTRACT Philly was a struggle to beat out, which gave us a hefty 4 year/22mill$ figure by the Colts. Was it dumb by Colts? Looking at comment's from San Francisco supporters, they seem to continuously see it as massively overpaid. But, given the back loading nature of the contract, it was amongst the smartest of free agent moves by the Colts. San Fran fans could be called ignorant for that statement. His first, perhaps even second year will give Grigson as grasp of RJF: Were you not starting in San Fran because you had all stars in front of you and can you put what you've learnt onto the field? or Simply, are you a back up because you are just a guy with no more than depth potential?. If it is the latter, serious consideration will have to be put into cutting him, to avoid the heavy part of the contract. If it is the former, then boy, what a move.

Of all the signings by Grigson, this is the one that could turn out to be the diamond. We are all expecting big things from Landry and Cherilus. But I'm expecting things just as big from this guy. My perception of him is that he is a guy with starting potential, a guy who has received coaching from great NFL minds and is a starting potential player who only had limited starts to due to high quality of positional competition from his former teams. This perception comes from the fact San Fran wanted him back and that most sportswriter's that reviewed his play had lots of complements for him.

By no means is the back loaded contract unfriendly (after further review) for a guy who's 26 and entering his prime, which is why it COULD turn out to be a huge signing

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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