What To Expect From Our 2nd Year Players

Ryan Grigson did a phenomenal job drafting last year. We all know the story; he came in with the job to start a new era in Colts football. Peyton was on the way outs and the 1st pick in the draft was already decided. Grigson responded by finding multiple gems throughout the draft, and really capitalizing on his opportunity. Also, he gained fans trust which a hard thing to do. Here’s my view on how these players will progress in their careers this season.

Andrew Luck:

I’m really exciting to watch Andrew play this year! In a sense the whole season rests on his shoulders. I love watching all the interviews he’s done this offseason. He constantly stating that he is 100% more comfortable this time this year than last year (no surprise). Last season he overcame some ridiculous odds and made us a playoff team. He will have to adjust to a new offense, but not completely new to the Stanford grad. I think that this will be the year he separates himself from the rest of the 2012 QB class and only a matter of time before he joins QB royalty.

PREDICTION: 4500 YDs 30TDs 13INTs 61 comp % 280 Rush YDs 5 Rush TDs

Coby Fleener:

Of all the colts rookies last season I think that Fleener had to be the most disappointing. Like many Colts fans when Fleener was drafted we assumed he would fit right in and be the new Dallas Clark of sorts. We had high expectations for him; he played with Luck at Stanford for all of Luck’s 3 seasons there. When it was all said and done Fleener had 26 catches 281 YDs 2 TDs. The funny thing is though; in Fleener’s senior year at Stanford he had only amassed 34 catches. The difference was though that he had 667 YDs and 10 TDs. So maybe Fleener isn’t the catch machine that we all expected. Fleener did spend a lot of the season injured, and most of his injuries were early on in the season. Things do seem to be on the up and ups for Fleener though. He is reuniting with his offensive coordinator from college and it has been documented that he will be a much bigger part of the offense this year.

PREDICTION: 35 catches 450 YDs 5 TDs

Dwayne Allen:

This would be the first of many great gems Grigson was able to find. Allen thought to be a guaranteed 2nd round pick and when he fell to the 3rd Grigson snatched him up. Like many Colts fans I was kind like "huh?? Another tight end??" Indianapolis fans haven’t seemed a lot of 2 tight end schemes. He proved to be an extremely versatile player, even played a lot of fullback. He is a monster blocker and has steady hands. Looks to be a monster for the next 10 years, and really hasn’t got nearly the credit he deserved for last season.

PREDICTION: 50+ catches 650 YDs 8 TDs

TY Hilton:

What a spectacular pick by Mr. Grigson. Trading to go get your guy and having the confidence that he will succeed, can’t say enough how brilliant of a pick this was. TY is an extremely dynamic player that brought so much to the Colts offense last year. I think that he can bring a lot more to the Colts in year 2 and really expand on what he started. He might be destined to spend his career in the slot unfortunately. So I somewhat expect him to be injured at some point this season.

PREDICTION: 65 catches 1000 YDs 10TDs

John Chapman:

We have yet to see anything from our 6 ft. 316 pound monster NT but already he seems to have a great year ahead of him. When Chapman was healthy he was one of the better NT in all of college football, and was a vital player in their National Championship victory vs. LSU. He is currently #1 on the depth chart and good for him. I hope he turns into the monster Grigson drafted him to be. I do have my doubts do to his injury history. Colts fans know all too much about talented players who can’t stay on the field. Let’s hope Chapman doesn’t turn out to be another one of them.

PREDICTION: 40 tackles 1 sack 2 forced fumbles

Vick Ballard:

I love me some Vick Ballard, and what’s not to like? He an incredibly nice guy, great talent, and has some potential with the 2013 Colts squad. He’s currently the front runner to be starting RB come week one, and it’s not close. The Colts seem to have a ton of confidence in the guy as well. They surprised a lot of people buy not signing any free agent RBs and not addressing the position until the 7th round of the draft. I think Vick is good RB, he always get positive yardage, and runs hard every play. You can really see the energy he possesses each time Andrew hands him the rock.

PREDICTION: 950 YDS 5 Rushing TDs 30 catches 250 YDs 2 TDs

Lavon Brazill:

This is a guy I somewhat high on this time last year. I thought he would be able to some things, so he was really underwhelming for me. However I do feel like he can do some things this year as well. Nothing big but he can be a role player. He will be able to fit in for TY whenever he needs a break. Maybe some years down the road he can be a decent player but he won’t do anything big this year.

PREDICTION: 25 catches 350 YDs 2 TDs

Chandler Harnish:

Last year’s Mr. Irrelevant has proven to be nothing more than a depth guy. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy and think he has some potential, but this is the wrong team to be a backup QB on. I don’t expect him to make the roster this year as we already have Matt Hasselback. This is good because I’m not sure I’d be comfortably with him taking any snaps this season. Maybe in 2 or 3 years we trade him or we’ll just kind of bring him along like we did with Sorgi.


Yes I skipped Anderson and Fugger. This is because I don’t seem them doing anything for us. Fugger is no longer with the team and Anderson is unlikely to make the roster.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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