Wednesday Colts Mini-Camp Recap


The Indianapolis Colts held their second annual fan appreciation day and open practice on Wednesday. How did it go?

Well, as many of you probably know, the Colts today held the second of three mandatory mini-camp practices this week - the last time the team will practice together until they gather for training camp at the end of July.

Today, however, was a special practice - it was also the team's fan appreciation day. Today, Lucas Oil Stadium was opened to fans and the practice that followed was as well. Before the practice started, fans could play cornhole, toss or kick a football, try out different seats, and more. Then the players came out and signed autographs before holding practice. It was the second year that the team has put on this fan appreciation day with the open mini-camp practice, and it is a great tradition that I hope they continue for years to come. These aren't the Bill Polian Colts anymore and the Colts are now holding open practices, are more active on twitter and social networks, and have much more and improved stuff on their website. It is a great change that is best illustrated by this day - and at the same time it was a great time to honor the best fans in the NFL, Colts fans.

With all of that going on, however, there was still a practice, and we do still care quite a bit about the team on the field. George Bremer and Kevin Bowen, both absolute must-folows on twitter (a Colts employee a must follow on twitter? Man, things have changed!), provided a tremendous recap of the practice on twitter tonight:

To recap, some guys who reportedly really stood out at practice today: quarterback Andrew Luck (surprise, surprise), wide receiver Reggie Wayne (another surprise), wide receiver Griff Whalen, cornerback Greg Toler, and safety LaRon Landry. If Luck and Reggie weren't impressive, it would be a problem, so that was expected. Whalen is a guy that I think has a lot of potential with this team, and he seemed to really be the star of today's practice. Toler has been very impressive this entire offseason according to pretty much every report you'll see, and he continued that great offseason today. Lastly, Landry participated in just his second practice with the team after not attending any of the voluntary OTAs. Yesterday Landry really impressed people and it sounds like he did today too.

Also, it is great to hear that owner Jim Irsay was in attendance today. He recently underwent a much needed hip transplant. We here at Stampede Blue wish you a quick and speedy recovery, Jim!

So there's a bit of a recap from today's practice and fan appreciation day. How many of you went? What did you think? Observations? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts in the comments.

Enjoy this week, Colts fans. After this, things get a whole lot more boring. And I mean a whole lot.

For more on the practice, check out George Bremer's and Kevin Bowen's twitter accounts, and read George's article on the practice here.

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