Your favorite college football program?

Since it is such a slow time around here...

My favorite college program is Stanford, and here is why...

I thought it would be interesting to see what people's favorite college program(s) is, and what if any connection to the Colts they might have. For me personally, I grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan, and until before last season's draft, they were still my favorite team (I started rooting for them in the mid 70s!). However, being from Southern California, I didn't have a specific link to them, I just liked a lot of the players, and Coach Tom Landry. Since they were a great team for many years, it made it easy to be a fan, but I didn't ever jump ship, even during the 1-15 season. Of course, the early 90s were sublime. As of this day, they are still my #2 team, but now my #1 team is the Colts.

As it turns out, my #1 team was going to be where ever Andrew Luck went, that I knew. Growing up in Southern California, I rooted for USC and UCLA, not really picking a side. When I went to college, I wanted to get a degree from a great school, but didn't have the grades to do it really, because unfortunately, I didn't put much effort into school. With a renewed dedication to education, I enrolled in Menlo College because they had a unique transfer arrangement with Stanford that would pave the way for me to get a degree from there. I transferred in 1993, and from that time, I really got into all the schools sport programs. The funny thing there is that sports are really downplayed. When I was there, I think Steve Stenstrom and Kailee Wong were probably the most notable football players, and I guarantee you at least 50% of the student body had no idea who they were.

After graduating in 1996, I have continued to follow all the programs as my #1 college teams. Especially football. As you can imagine, we had a few success, but mostly some pretty low times, including a 1 win season. Then came Jim Harbaugh with David Shaw in tow, and what a difference he made! He recruited kids that were a different breed. He believed he could find kids that were not only smart, but that could play tough smash-mouth football, and work hard in the gym and on the practice field. Of course his true stroke of genius was recruiting and landing Andrew Luck (he also recruited RG3 just as heavily by the way). He built up a team that employed an NFL style, run first offense, and an extremely bright QB that was capable of memorizing tons of plays, and calling them at the line of scrimmage.

From all my time following the Stanford football program, it was clear that this "Andrew Luck" era was something special, and the more I got know about young Andrew, the more I liked. His NFL heritage, his upbringing, his intelligence, his football IQ, his size, his mobility, his arm. It was like the perfect storm of football QB attributes. As Trent Dilfer and others have said about him, there are simply no holes in his game, he has it all. The similarities between him and Peyton Manning are almost to eerie to consider...father played in NFL, came back Jr. year for Sr. season (after likely being #1 pick in draft), #1 pick in draft, crazy college stats. It's like it was all fate or something. Also very much like Peyton, a hard-working, humble, low-key, likable guy. He is team first, and just want to win.

The Stanford football program, now under David Shaw is well on its way to being an NFL football factory. Look what happened two years ago...Luck and David DeCastro in the first round, Coby Fleener and Jonathan Martin in the second round. Then last year, Zack Ertz, Levine Toilolo, Chase Thomas and Stepfan Taylor all drafted. To see the Colts with not only Luck, but Fleener, and possibly Griff Whalen, along with Pep Hamilton now, well I feel likes Stanford part 2!

I should say in closing that I was always a semi-Colts fan before. I've always liked the organization, but definitely liked them after they got Peyton. He is a class act, supreme talent that was easy to like. However, I can say that I am not a fan of the Baltimore Colts after what you did to my Cowboys in the 60s! Anyway, that was a bit long, but I'm bored today, lol! Be interested to see some other stories...

Training camp is right around the corner.

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