Andrew Luck Winning the 2013 MVP

I understand it's only his second year in the NFL, but I truly believe Luck has the ability to win the MVP this upcoming season with the new scheme and offensive additions to the team. Luck played spectacular last year with a shoddy OL and inexperienced and/or inconsistent offensive weapons outside of Reggie Wayne.

However Luck had some accuracy problems for multiple reasons. One of the biggest reasons for Lucks's accuracy was the inability for the OL and RBs to give him the proper time to throw the ball and make his read. There were so many times last year i cringed at the site of Luck getting demolished. One play that runs in my head over and over that shows the potential of Luck even while being pressured was against the Patriots. It was the 2nd half and the game was clearly over at this point, but the down and distance was 3rd and 22. Luck was scrambling outside the pocket and had a defender draped all over him. He still had the ability to throw the ball 25 yards to Reggie Wayne (might have been Hilton) for the first down.

Another reason for his accuracy problems was Arians' system that the Colts ran last year. Arians system was very pass happy. And not just regular pass happy, but rather deep pass happy. With so many deep passes last year, the probability of each pass being incompleted or even worse, intercepted, increased. After watching Manning for over a decade being content with checking down to TEs and RBs, last year Colts fans did not see much of that. I don't know if this was fully on Arians system, but I think some of it is just on Luck trying to make "the big play." With Pep Hamilton implementing his offensive scheme this year, Luck will be more focused on the TEs going across the middle rather than TY going deep.

The last reason for Luck's innaccuracy is quite simple. It's Andrew Luck's fault. He was a rookie with one of the worst rushing offense in the league (unlike Wilson, Kaep, and RG3). We have to remember in college, Luck was a VERY accurate passer. Well he's not in college anymore. Andrew is playing with the big boys now, so I think a year of getting used to the game speed and understanding more complex defenses should help his completion percentage.

This offseason we added 4 potentially starting OL to the team by signing two players (Donald Thomas and Gosider Cherilus) and drafting two more (Hugh Thorton and Khaled Holmes). Honestly it didnt matter who we got, they would have been better than McGlynn and Olsen. We also signed Ahmad Bradshaw who is one of the best pass blocking RBs in the NFL. I feel like Bradshaw can help Luck tremendously by both blocking for him and allowing him to actually have a respectable run game. Another important signing was Darrius Heyward Bey. I have very high hopes for DHB. I feel like he can get 1000 yards and 7 TDs this season. He has never had an above average QB throwing the ball to him. He has the potential to be our future #1. He could be a "wopper" in disguise lmao.

Last but not least, the Colts rookies last year are no longer rookies. I think people forget that we had 2 WRs, 2 TEs, a RB, and a QB on the team last year who were rookies and played a significant number of snaps. These players will have matured from last season and hopefully improved their skillset giving Luck much more lethal and reliable weapons compared to last season. Andrew Luck threw for 4400 yards, 23 TDs, and 54% last year. Many people think Luck's pass yardage takes a dip this year because we will run the ball more. I think we will still be a heavy pass team and will run the ball so the defense respects the run and is forced to keep that 3rd LB on the field instead of a corner ala the Peyton era. I think Luck will still finish around the same amount of yardage and his total stats will be 4300 yards 38 total TD and 65% leading his team to 12 wins, an AFC South crown, and an AFC Conference Championship appearance only to lose to the eventual SB champions, the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos.

I hope I'm not the only crazy one who sees Luck pulling off those numbers in only his second season. Feel free to leave critiques about the article, my reasonings for Luck's season, or how you think Luck will do this season along with how many wins he'll get. And this is not my homerism speaking for anyone who thinks so. I truly believe Luck can pull it off after watching what he did last year with the inexperienced players he had at his dispense. BcB and Spiffy.... TROLL AWAY.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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