So, Robert Griffin III Might Have Sent Pics Of His Penis To A Woman Other Than His Wife


Deadspin and Busted Coverage have the scoop on a story that might put a dent in the Washington quarterback's squeaky-clean image.

I'm not subtle in my opinion that Andrew Luck outplayed Robert Griffin III last season, and that the biggest reason Griffin stole the Offensive Rookie of the Year award from Luck is that RG3 plays in the mammoth-sized sports market that is Washington DC while Luck plays on Pluto (also known as Indiana, a sports market no one cares about, except you and me).

But, arguments about who should and who shouldn't have won ORotY pale in comparison to any story that features dick pics, especially if said dick pics are of Robert Griffin III's johnson and were sent to a woman that is not his current wife.

Per a story from both Deadspin and Busted Coverage, it seems RG3 may have sent suggestive texts to a woman named "Meredith," a VCU student and fan of the Washington football team.

Apparently, Griffin not only sent these pics and texts to "Meredith," but he did so on his own wedding day, which was July 6th.

Here's Deadspin's Barry Petchesky:

The backstory was fairly public. After the folks at Busted Coverage received iPhone screenshots dated July 6 showing someone listed in contacts as "RGIII" texting and sending a shirtless photo, they tracked down the woman. Her name is Meredith, and she's a VCU student and Redskins fan, and her social media history is filled with mentions of Griffin, as well as an October photo showing two Redskins tickets she claimed (but later denied) he sent her.

Deadspin also received an email from someone claiming to be "Meredith's" ex-boyfriend, and he claims Griffin had been trying to get "Meredith" to meet-up with him in Vegas recently.

He claimed he has text conversations of Griffin trying to get her to meet him in Vegas, and at least one photo of Griffin's penis. In a subsequent email, he wrote, "This is the next Brett Favre story, if not even bigger," and demanded $25,000—or $13,000 more than we paid for the Favre voicemails and photos. (As a handy index to relative sports stardom, the price demands of dick-pic-mongers has replaced the old Beckett price guide.)

Is it the next "Favre Penis Story?" Maybe. If history is any indication, and if these texts and photos exist, they will end up on the Internet. If Griffin is the subject of said dick pics, then he will not just have a lot of explaining to do to Washington owner Daniel Snyder, the NFL, and Washington fans who frown on this sort of stuff, but there's also the matter of his wife.

His wife of exactly 12 days, and who he is currently on his honeymoon with. Bet that trip is going well.

Of course, we know that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck would never get caught up in silliness like this.

Luck's cell phone doesn't have a camera feature.

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