The Colts most important player....Antonie Bethea?

Some articles give reason to scratch one's head. Some opinions, however,seem purely laughable..

Matt Schein believes Bethea is the Colt's most important player. Really? If last year is anything to go by, then that is absurd. First of all, in a rebuilding team, Bethea had what some considered a down year for a player off his standard..yet, the Colts win 9 more games than the year before. Yea, that shows he is very vital to the Colts (not).

I'll add that his criterion for what he thinks is important is also silly: "We are diving deeper. We're identifying the guy who needs to achieve -- and overachieve -- for the team to reach its potential." It should simply be the most crucial, valuable, critical, influential, paramount (all synonyms of important) player to a team.

By Schein's description and list (who he omitted J.J Watt, Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski, Cameron Wake), it seems that the article should be titled 'the one player on each team that must break-out' list.

Bethea's importance to the Colts is definitely top 12 as he has leadership qualities and is underrated (both pointed out by Schein). But there are three obvious guys that obviously should make Bethea not even be considered for this title:


Durrr..2011- Poor QB play, 2-14 season. 2012- New HC, OC, GM. Veterans released and begin a rebuild. #1 overall pick. Get Luck(y) and that equals an 11-5 season, despite all the factors against Luck and the Colts. Yep, you'd expect the franchise guy for the next 15 years to be very important aye Schein?


This guy is really the Colt's only proven and premier pass rusher. The front 7 would be in all sorts without him..and he is the defensive leader. The (lack of) pass rush was very ugly when he missed the Jets, Cleveland and Tenneasse game. He is still very productive (despite being in his 30s), as he recorded 13 QB hits and 9 tackles for a loss despite being the main focus of the opposing offense's game plan.


If Reggie wasn't on the Colt's squad last year, Donnie Avery would have been lined up #1 on the depth chart. Mr 'I struggle to catch the ball'. That horrific hypothetical situation of Wayne getting injured and Avery being the #1 receiver sent chills through my spine sometimes last year and should make every Colt fan value Reggie more. His Green Bay game was perhaps the best performance by any NFL wideout last year- clutch and very productive. I do think age is catching up to him and he didn't finish the 2013 season as strong as he started. But his strong work ethic and productive performances last year and the fact he is the perfect mentor for the young skilled players that are the future of the Colt's offense(Luck, TY, Fleener and Allen) makes Wayne the most important player on the Colts.

All in all, the fact one of these three guys didn't get the title over Bethea is surprising and quite stupid in my opinion. In an interesting debate, what do you guys think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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