How I See Our 2013 Season Unfolding

The NFL season is rapidly approaching us, but it is still a good distance away. Im getting tired of waiting for the NFL season to get here, so here's how Id like to see the NFL season go.

Week 1 vsRaiders: Raiders come into Indy with 3 QBs who have had little to no time in the NFL. Their biggest offensive weapon is Darren McFadden, who has an injury filled past. McFadden could give our defensive line issues, but the Raiders defense is not solid. McFadden alone won't be enough to bring us down. Colts win, 31-13

Week 2 vsDolphins: The Dolphins made many big additions over the offseason, the main lot being Mike Wallace,Danell Ellerbe, Dustin Keller, and Dion Jordan. We faced the Phins last season in Indy as well and beat them 23-20. It will take time for their new additions to gain solid chemistry, which they won't have by week 2, Colts win 27-21

Week 3 @49ers: Going to San Francisco will most likely be our toughest game of the season. Jim Hargbaugh (Luck's former head coach at Stanford) will know some of Luck's secrets, which could hurt us. Either way, I don't see us getting a W here, Colts lose 34-13

Week 4 @Jaguars: Jacksonville made many good picks in the draft in my opinion, but Gabbert is still highly questionable and the Jags still have a lot of holes. Jags always play us tough, but Colts will win 28-12

Week 5 vsSeahawks: The third rounder (Wilson) vs The First Overall Pick (Luck), there's no other way people will look at this game. Every year it seems we manage to beat a team we really shouldn't (2012 Packers, 2011 Texans) this year I believe it's the Seahawks. I expect Seattle to lead most of the game, but then in the end Luck will work his magic. Colts surprise Seahawks 21-17.

Week 6 @Chargers: Luck's MNF debut. Chargers made improvements defensively, but offensively they didn't make any eye catching acquisitions. I think we should be able to handily beat them in fact, Rivers was a turnover machine last season (he had a career high 30 turnovers) and if the pattern is correct, he will continue his decline this season as well, Colts win 34-21

Week 7 vsBroncos: By far the most emotional game of the season. You know who returns, and most likely in a mood to kick some Colt ass. Luck will want to try and out-duel his idol, but most likely won't. Von Miller (if he's not suspended for a long period of time) will give our O-Line issues. Colts lose 35-17

Week 8 Bye.

Week 9 @Texans: Our toughest division opponent, and most likely the team that will win the AFC South. We will give them a battle, as we always do, but won't pull through in Houston. Colts lose again, 24-17

Week 10 vsRams: Rams have depth and talent all around, and they finally got Bradford a #1 WR in Tavon Austin. Our offense will keep up with theirs, but our defense won't. Colts lose in a shoot out 38-35

Week 11 @Titans: Titans gave us 2 good games last season. They made many improvements to their offensive line. This game should be close and hard fought, Im giving the Titans the nod here because its in Tennessee, Colts lose 24-23.

Week 12 @Cardinals: Old Brucy boy got himself a head coaching job. He inherits a good all around team in the desert, only big question is what success Carson Palmer will have with Fitz at his disposal. Arians will know Luck's weaknesses, which could haunt us a bit. Nonetheless we should beat them, Colts win 21-17

Week 13 vsTitans: As I said earlier they will give us a battle, but this time we have home field advantage, I see us winning in a close one. Colts win 20-13

Week 14 @Bengals: The Bengals have a very all around talented team. They're balanced on offense and defense. Covering AJ Green will be tough for us, I see a loss here. Colts lose 28-24

Week 15 vs Texans: As I said before Texans are our toughest division foe. Beating them won't be easy, but they're 0-11 in Indianapolis, so who's to say this is their year to end the curse? Not me, Colts win 27-21

Week 16 @Chiefs: We played the Chiefs last year and barely escaped with a win. Their 2-14 record was a bit deceiving, they had a pretty decent all around team, they just couldn't throw the ball. Now they have a guy who can (Smith), and a coach who can help him (Reid). Colts lose 16-13

Week 17 vsJaguars: If my predictions are correct, we will be fighting for a potential playoff spot here in week 17. Jags most likely won't be playing for much besides pride. Colts win 34-17 and hopefully grab a wildcard spot at 9-7.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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