Statistical expectations for the 2013 season

I hate this time of the year because there isn't much information about anything related with the NFL, so I thought I could post this to see if you guys have the same expectations for the team heading to the 2013 season.

Let's start with the offense:

Andrew Luck

I have high expectations for Andrew Luck this year. However, there are several writers who consider him a MVP candidate for the 2013 season. I do not think Luck can reach the level of performance that a MVP candidate requires. For example, I do not think Luck can score 37 TDs like Peyton Manning did last season. He will score that number of TDs in the future, that is for sure, but I am not sure if he can score more tan 30 TD this season. I also expect the yardage to decrease, because we no longer run the big play offense that Arians had. However, I think Luck will improve his completion percentage (above 61%) and his TD to interception ratio (at least 5 more TDs and 5 less interceptions). I hope I am wrong and Luck plays like a MVP candidate and scores more tan 30 TDs.

That being said, I expect Andrew Luck to get this numbers:

4150 passing yds.
29 TDs.
12 ints.
63% completion percentage.

Reggie Wayne

We should expect the usual performance by Reggie (if only he could add two or three more TD, that would be great). I think he still has one or two season of great WR1 playso expect his numbers to look like this:

105 receptions.
1050 receiving yds.
8 TDs.

T.Y. Hilton

I think Hilton will perform on the same level he did last season, so I expect his numbers to look like the ones he had in 2012.

65 receptions.
900 receiving yds.
5 TDs.


I am not expecting DHB to be the secong coming of Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne. He will be a valuable depth player and will make a play from time to time, but he will not be a star because the TEs are going to receive a lot of targets this season.

45 receptions.
550 receiving yds.
3 TDs.

Coby Fleener

I expect Fleener to become an integral part of the offense. As Pagano said, his numbers should double from what he had last season. This Hamilton's offense is really going to help him. I have high expectations for him in the 2013 season.

55 receptions.
650 receiving yds.
5 TDs.

Dwayne Allen

Dwayne Allen is also going to be an integral part of the offense. He should improve his numbers a Little from what he did last season.

60 receptions.
700 receiving yds.
5 TDs.

Ahmad Bradshaw

He will be the No. 1 runner if healthy, there is no doubt about it to me. Ballard had a great rookie season, but he also has a lot of limitations as a RB, so I think Bradshaw will earn the most of the carries.

1000 running yds.
5 running TDs.
40 receptions.
300 receiving yds.
2 receving TDs

Vick Ballard

He will be fine as a No. 2 runner. I hope Bradshaw stays healthy most of the year so Ballard does not have to handle the No. 1 runner duties. He will thrive in a complimentary role, just like Rhodes did while he was with the Colts.

600 running yds.
2 running TDs.
15 receptions.
100 receiving yds.


I am expecting an increasing number of sacks and turnovers for this unit. I think the defense could get around 35 to 38 sacks and 18 to 20 interceptions. I think Robert Mathis will return to his double digit sack form (around 10 to 12 sacks). Bjoern Werner should get around 5 to 8 sacks. Walden should get around 2 or 3 sacks. The defensive line will contribute with 8 sacks and I am also expecting an increasing number of sacks by the safeties.

All in all, I think we will be a top 18 passing defense (if Toler and Landry can stay healthy for most of the year), a top 15 rushing defense and a top 18 scoring defense.

What do you think guys?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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