2013 Colts Camp Weekly Heat Check (7/30)

So I thought it might be interesting/cool to take a look at the Colts current camp roster, as a whole, and display what players are "heating up" or "cooling off" and see how that might change the depth chart at each position. I created an initial (arguable) depth chart order from the most common predictions I saw going into camp, and then based on reports from Stampede Blue, Mike Chappell, fans, other Colts sources, etc. I started highlighting players that made standout performances, both good and bad, as well as showing up many spots up and down the depth chart they appear to be moving. Take a look at how things are shaping up after the first few days:


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  • Carter hasn't done much to prove his case for making the roster come September, while Williams seems to be flashing his speed in both the backfield and with the special teams, peaking interest as an offensive weapon. Bradshaw is supposedly going to be back in pads in 2 weeks, good news!
  • Heyward-Bey seems to be shaking off the new-camp jitters, as he hasn't had a very good camp so far. It's been reported he has making a lot of drops the first couple of days (with improvement today). I'd still look for him to start getting comfortable and settle in, but he'll need to do so quickly as Hilton and especially Whalen have been putting on a receiving show. It sounds like both of these guys have worked really hard in the offseason to improve their game.
  • Fleener clearly seems to have a chip on his shoulder after last season, and is doing quite a lot to show people they were wrong for doubting him. Allen has also been impressive. For both TE's to be starting off strong as we head into this new West-Coast themed offense, this is fantastic to hear!
  • Our top 4 Cornerbacks are all putting on a show, which either means Luck is struggling or the position has greatly improved... I'm definitely going with the latter. GUYS, OUR SECONDARY MIGHT NOT BE SWISS CHEESE! I really want to hear more about Price and Swanson (who is listed as a safety as well), as I think the Colts keep 5 CB's.
  • Lefeged had been played well apparently?
  • Werner is getting a lot of 1st team time and, based on A LOT of reports, he has been a terror for the o-line to stop. I am beyond excited for this guy, and I'd guess he'll get a 70-30 split with Walden. Any news on how he's been looking?
  • Prime got cut... then got brought back... all in one day (emotional roller-coaster?). I think that drops him to the bottom of the OLB pile with McNary and Adongo barely ahead of him. I'm rooting hard for those two guys, even if they are a long shot.
  • McKinney did himself no favors by ending up on the IR today, and I think he'll definitely be cut now. NT is getting thinner by the practice. Thankfully we have Hughes, who some some NT action today, and RJF as backups. Nevis and Mathews are getting some good rotational snaps with the 1st team.
  • Please, Please, Please let Holmes be okay... that could be a HUGE loss as we don't have a good option behind Satele...
  • Hopefully we can hear some more about the Safeties and ILB's. As for the O-line and D-line, I don't think we'll hear much until we see more and more padded practices.

Did I miss anything? What do you guys think? Totally open to opinions on adding things to this "heat check" too. Keep in mind, a lot of this is based off of what I'm hearing from several sources and things can shake out at a moments notice. Is it September yet?! GO COLTS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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