My way too late take on Preseason Game 2

So this passed Sunday my fiancee decided I needed a break from working on my thesis and surprised me with tickets to the Colts game. This was the first game I've been able to attend. From reading the stuff posted around here I had a couple of things to add (I'll try to not rehash what I've seen on here already).

Starting with the running game:

The Giants kept a lot of people in the box.

Donald Brown: It seems like he gets taken off his feet way too easily and seemed to get 2 yards every carry. That said receiving he looked the ball all the way in rather than trying to run first.

K Willams: Looked better than his stat line. The play that really summed it up to me was later in the game, on the far side of the field (naturally). But by the time KW got the hand off if looked like every lineman and linebacker had already beat the Oline and gotten to him. The fact that this wasn't a fumble was amazing.

Speaking of which: There is no depth on the Oline. At least as a unit, when the starters went out, there was nothing. I'm sure this was in part b/c Holmes and Thorton are out but still, I thought we had started playing to see people in punt coverage.

WRs: Nothing after Brazill. Obviously didn't see Whalen but I saw nothing from anybody other than Brazill after the top 3 left. Damn the top 3 played well though. DHB looked amazing considering we were wondering how much time he was going to miss a week ago. TY is the reason I'm not sure we have to go WR in the 1st next year. And at one point Reggie ran down the sidelines beside the play after he taken out and smacked the guy on the helmet when he couldn't get to the ball. No idea what was said but it was funny watching from the stands.

TE: For everyone getting on Fleener I have to say one thing, he gets to where he needs to be. Now the small thing of catching the ball. Not ready to give up on him yet.

Dline: I noticed sometimes there were five down linemen. We also rotated NT a lot, I would have liked to see more of Chapman. I think he needs more snaps to get more consistent. A few times I saw him get blocked 1-on-1 by 2nd stringers. I also saw him disengage once, not something I'm used to seeing NTs do, if anyone can tell me why I'd love to know. That was the low, the highs were dominate. One play he got pushed to the ground and still brought down two blockers and tripped up the RB. He also had a tackle on a WR after the CB (didn't see who) had a glancing tackle. RJF was all over the place early on. His name was called several times in a row. All in all I was pleased despite the one or two gut wrenchers when the RB broke through the middle.

LB: the entire LBer corp looked solid. Werner impressed me in coverage considering he played DE in college. Side note: There were a lot of Angerer jerseys there. I was wearing mine and ran into around 5 other people wearing them

CBs: Pretty good. Though the funny part of the evening was when my fiancee (a Colts fan-in-training) asked me who "23 was. He seems to keep missing and then clapping his hands like he did something". Though the WR he was on didn't catch much.

Safeties:Howell made the team on Sunday. Good play for backup and heard his name a couple times on special teams. Just what we need.

Special teams: Still need to make a jump on converages and blocking for returns.

There was definitely a feeling that things haven't come together yet. But the potential with the group had me thinking that if things gel at the right time and we avoid too many injuries, hoisting the Lombardi might not be as far away as we were thinking this time last year.

Hope you enjoy. Go Colts! #ColtStrong

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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