2nd 2013 Colts Camp Weekly Heat Check (8/7)

So I thought it might be interesting/cool to take a look at the Colts current camp roster, as a whole, and display what players are "heating up" or "cooling off" and see how that might change the depth chart at each position. I created an initial (arguable) depth chart order from the most common predictions I saw going into camp, and then based on reports from Stampede Blue, Mike Chappell, fans, other Colts sources, etc. I started highlighting players that made standout performances, both good and bad, as well as showing up many spots up and down the depth chart they appear to be moving. This is the second "Heat Check" done after 9 practices, and it shows the reported depth chart that was released yesterday:


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  • QB's: Andrew Luck has been awesome, and he is literally getting better each day. Seriously, thank you football gods for giving us Peyton and then Luck. Hasselbeck has been playing pretty sloppy, making a lot of mistakes and showing very poor timing with the receivers, so let's hope he will be holding the clipboard forever and always. With the exception of one practice, Harnish has looked pretty solid and, taking away the vast experience of Hasselbeck, he would possibly be the #2 QB on the depth chart. He has a very strong arm and has showed flashes of a nice touch. Honestly, he could be major trade bait going into next year.
  • RB's: It's interesting that Brown was slotted as the #2 RB for the first depth chart. I think a big reason is because Bradshaw hasn't been in pads yet, but it's important to note that Brown is still falling higher on the depth chart in the coaches eyes. Carter has been getting mostly 2nd and 3rd team rushes, I have to imagine he is as good as gone. I'm confused as to why Williams is the 6th RB on the depth chart right now. He has been used A LOT with the 1st and 2nd team in screen plays, run arounds, etc. and is the #1 kick returner. Regardless, his heavy use sounds like he is making the team.
  • TE's: Cunningham is very active in the offense as a blocker and flashing a bit of his receiving skills. The guy is huge, but surprising a lot of people with his mobility. Fleener and Luck are really connecting (as expected) in Pep's offense. Take him as a sleeper for your Fantasy team. Both Allen and Fleener have the writers gushing about our offense, so that's cool.
  • WR's: Wayne is... Wayne. He has been great, showing no signs of slowing down. Also, he's been a great influence on the other receivers, especially DHB. Let's just extend his contract already. Hilton has been burning the DB's all week. If DHB has a hard time with this recent injury, I could see Hilton temporarily filling in as the #2. Whalen, again, has been great. It's obvious he has been working hard in the offseason to get better, and he has almost definitely made the team. Sambrano and Kelly have been impressive and will make that last WR spot a true battle. I find it interesting that the Colts are bringing in Laurent Robinson, and I think he is talented enough and experienced enough to jump ahead of those two, as long as he is healthy. Sampson started the camp well, but has steadily been dropping off.
  • OT's: Castonzo has been solid, which is good, and Cherilus has had mixed results. Sowell and Cleary have been used quite a bit on the 2nd team and occasionally with the 1st team. Cleary has actually moved around between tackle and guard too. Both have been impressive. Ijalana has shown his athleticism, but not enough to get off the 3rd team roster...
  • OG's: Not a lot going on here that is surprising... I thought Linkenbach would be higher up the depth chart, but Reitz and Thornton should have those spots locked up.
  • C's: I really hope Holmes isn't out for too long and can get up to speed relatively quickly. Satele has been "ehh" and Austin is just terrible. Schmeig being the #2 healthy option is scary...
  • FB's: Havili has this position on lockdown. He's being used A LOT on all sorts of different offensive sets. I also thought it was interesting that Jones moved from TE to FB on the depth chart. Moore seems destined for the practice team.
  • CB's: Toler, Vaughn, Butler, and especially Davis of recent have been impressive all camp. Sure, they've been burnt on a number of occasions, but our offense is also pretty awesome and this group of DB's are a huge improvement overall. Gordy seems to be getting more time with the 2nd team. Unfortunately Chapman and Price haven't been flashing much during camp, I had high hopes for both.
  • S's: Landry has been more present of late, but struggling a bit in coverage. He's obviously not being threatened to lose his starting spot, but with the NFL being a throwing league I'd like to see him be able to cover better while also delivering mind crushing hits. I look for him to improve though. Lefeged and (surprisingly) Brown are next in line on the depth chart, but Howell and Asante have been impressing, so I could see one of those guys jumping onto the team after cuts.
  • OLB's: Werner is officially listed as Mathis' backup, though based on the practices he will be getting playtime with Mathis. I honestly haven't heard much from Walden... he exists? He's starting? He cost a lot of money for not making much noise? Sidbury and Rayford have been impressive this camp, and are being featured a lot on a variety of unique defensive playcalls. If Rayford makes this team, it could be another CFL-diamond in the rough find by Grigson. He's a good guy too. Hickman has also gotten some "impressed nods".
  • ILB's: No big changes here. Sheppard has been getting a lot of 1st team reps, more so than Conner even. Harvey looks to have a good hold as a backup too. This could be a strong core group of ILB's this year.
  • NT's: Chapman has been getting praise from teammates, fans, writers, coaches, everyone! He is a one man wrecking crew (I TOLD YOU GUYS SO!) and is apparently eating up the offensive lineman and letting his linebackers in for some QB touches. Franklin is listed as the #1 on the depth chart, which is nice to see, but I think this will change and is more experience based at the moment.
  • DE's: I don't know what to say about these guys... Redding has been solid... Guy jumped ahead of Mathews.
  • DT's: RJF has been a workhorse and it's been obvious so far that we signed a great player who is going to be a terror for opposing lineman. Moala and Nevis are getting some 1st team time on occasion, but have been pretty decent with the 2nd team. It's interesting to see that Hughes is behind them all on the depth chart.
  • K's/P's: Vinny is looking consistent and like his old self, which is good to hear. McAfee has been kicking 60 yard field goals... that's just awesome.
What have you guys been hearing/noticed?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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