2014 draft/Free agency ideas

It's never to early to look ahead to free agency so Here are some of my ideas for the 2014 offseason

Free agency

Anthony spencer OLB-would fit in nicely as the opposite linebacker to the mathis/werner combination. Is able to set the edge and would be a beast run stopper. I don't hate walden like many others on the site, but I think he will merely be average and spencer would be an upgrade.

Jarius byrd FS-perfect FS to compliment landry and make up for his lackluster pass coverage. Bethea can provide that this year, but he's an upcoming free agent and byrd is a superior player.

Kenny britt WR- young(24), classic possession west coast reciever who could be a solid number 1. Outside of marquis lee I don't see a reciever in the draft who is a better match than britt for the colts offense(watkins is more of a vertical threat).

Eric decker WR- if the colts don't land britt decker would be a nice consolation prize and could be a very good number 2. Also signing decker instead of britt would be a terrific idea if my controversial draft idea comes to fruition...

did i get you excited for my controversial draft idea? I'm assuming the answer is a resounding 'no', but regardless i'm goign to continue..

The 2014 draft is loaded with top tier cornerbacks(i've seen 5 go in the first round in some mocks). This is obviously an ideal situation considering the problems of the colt secondary, but "I personally believe"(shout out to ms. teen south carolina) that davis and toler will continue to grow and the unit as a whole will gel sooooo.... my controversial idea would be to trade a first and second round pick for marquis lee. In all honesty it's not that controversial, but life goes on.

To me lee seems like a future top five reciever. He runs crisp routes, has speed to gain YAC, while also having the ability to stretch the field vertically. He could be Andrew Lucks future #1. Some mocks have him as high as top five while others believe he'll be drafted around the 10-12 range. If he drops to the 10-12 range a first and second round pick should suffice assuming the colts are picking in the low 20's. I know the colts need to obtain as much young talent as possible, but Lee is a stud who would easily be worth a 2nd round pick.

Looking at the colts they are a solid team all around but aside from Luck, allen, Wayne, and possibly fleener there isn't much star power which is needed if the colts want to take the next step to being perennial SB contenders.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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