How the South will be won

Is it too soon to predict how the AFC South will play out this season? If so, let's have some fun anyway. Let's just take the Titans out of this conversation, although they seem to be improved from last season, I do not see them threatening the division until atleast next season. The Colts and the Texans both sit at 2-1 on the season which is a very good thing for the Colts. The battle for the division should be very tight from here on out, and neither team should run away with it. This week, the Colts should take the lead if they handle business in Jacksonville as they should. The Texans will be at home against a very good Seahawks team, although we will see if the Seahawks can take their show on the road against a tough opponent. I expect the Colts to be 3-1 and Texans to be 2-2 after this week. Getting an early lead on them will be key to winning the division, as the Colts have some tough games coming up.

W5 - Sea @ Colts Texans @ 49ers Although I feel like the Colts can beat the Seahawks at home, I will go ahead and chalk up a loss here as I think the Texans will also lose. Colts (3-2) Texans (2-3)

W6 - Colts @ SD STL @ Texans Can the Colts bounce back with a tough win on the road? Yes. The Texans take care of STL at home. Colts (4-2) Texans (3-3)

W7 - Den @ Colts Texans @ KC Tough week. Peyton has his final encore in Indy with a win. The Texans pull out a tough win on the road. Colts (4-3) Texans (4-3)

W8 - Bye week for both teams

W9 - Colts @ Texans To be fair, I have them splitting their games this season and to make this interesting the Texans take control of the division and win at home. Colts (4-4) Texans (5-3)

W10 - STL @ Colts Texans @ ARI Both teams take care of business here, no surprises. Colts (5-4) Texans (6-3)

W11 - Colts @ TEN OAK @ Texans Again, both teams take care of business here. Colts (6-4) Texans (7-3)

W12 - Colts @ ARI JAX @ Texans Once again, no surprises here. Colts (7-4) Texans (8-3)

W13 - TEN @ Colts Texans @ NE The Colts even things back up in the division, taking care of the Titans at home. The Texans stumble on the road against the Patriots. Colts (8-4) Texans (8-4)

W14 - Colts @ CIN Texans @ JAX To keep things interesting, the Colts struggle on the road against the Bengals. Colts (8-5) Texans (9-4)

W15 - Texans @ Colts The Colts even things back up in the division. Colts (9-5) Texans (9-5)

W16 - Colts @ KC DEN @ Texans Do the Colts still keep things interesting with a loss here? Yes. Meanwhile, the Broncos take care of the Texans as well. Colts (9-6) Texans (9-6)

W17 - JAX @ Colts Texans @ TEN Interesting week, both team have division games. The Texans struggled mightily in their first matchup, but lets just see what happens if both teams win their final game. Colts (10-6) Texans (10-6)

The Texans win the division once again. The Colts and Texans share the same division record, but the Texans end the season with a 8-4 AFC record while the Colts end up with a 7-5 AFC record. That Miami loss really hurt, didn't it? No need to panic, though. I gave the Texans the benefit of the doubt more than I did for the Colts. Looking at the season unfolding like this, division and conference games must be won. While I have the Colts losing to KC and CIN, I have no doubt that the Colts can go on the road and beat those teams. I actually think it is more likely that the Colts finish 11-5, and the Texans finish 9-7. I just think that the Texans have took a step back this year, and won't be able to pull off wins against tough opponents like they did last season. Thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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