Who to re-sign? My choices with base salary and remaining cap

So, I've seen many people write about Free Agency and I noticed that very few of the posts addressed who would need to be re-signed and the actual remaining cap space the colts would have for Free Agents. I decided to split it into three categories: players that definitely need to be resigned, players who I want re-signed, and players I'm on the fence about. I decided to only focus on their base salaries and disregarded guaranteed money and years. After combining 5 million of draft pick money and the salaries of the players I want to be resigned the remaining cap number I got was 14 MILLION. Satele Should be cut to save 4 Mil and Toler could potentially be cut to save 4.5 Mil.

Definitely Re-Sign

Donald Brown-3 Mil Guy had a superb season and regardless of the Trent trade he needs to be re-signed.

Vontae Davis- 6 Mil Cornerback who can be elite and is a great fit for the colts scheme. Plus he will be easier to re-sign than other prominent Cornerbacks in FA such as Talib, Grimes, and DRC because he's already on the roster

Joe Reitz- 1.5 Mil Is Great depth on the O-line and as we all know that O-lineman seem to always get injured

Aubrayo Franklin-1.5 Mil Above average Player who can Continue to mentor and be a stopgap for Chapman

Hopefully Re-sign

Mike Mcglynn- 1 Mil More useful depth on the O-Line

Fili Moala-1 Mil Useful depth on D-line

Josh Gordy- 1 Mil Very solid 4th/5th corner

McAfee- 2 Mil He's a great clubhouse presence, is hilarious, and talent wise is a top 10 punter.

I'm On the Fence About these Guys

Bethea-4 Mil Sometimes I love this guy, other times I dream of when he's off the team. Honestly, he's probably not worth the 3-4 Mil he'll likely command

Vinateri-2 Mil He had a stellar year, but the colts have a significant amount of late round picks(if I remember correctly) that they could easily use on a kicker who would cost less and still be an above average kicker. Vinateri could even be replaced by an UDFA(think Justin Tucker or Garrett Hartley)

36 mil-17 Mil-5 mil for draft picks=14 Mil left. Adding in the money that will be saved from hopefully cutting Samson Satele and the remaining money in Free Agency will be around 18 miliion. The contracts will be structured in various ways and my base numbers could be off so that number could fluctuate, but I would guess the money left will be in the 15-20 mil range. Not bad.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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