Let the offseason begin - (53 man Roster)

As we all like to do from time to time, I put in the effort to play armchair GM. I put together an extremely early look at what the Colts 53 man roster could look like at the beginning of next season. Some of the low level pieces are interchangeable, so I didn't spend quite as much time on them. Assuming a 53 man roster and a $122 million cap (top 51 players count.) Here we go...

Currently Under Contract - 43 Players @ $87.3 million.

Resigned Free Agents - +4 Players @ +$9.8 million. (Total 47 players @ $96.1 million)

Not Resigned - 18 Players

  • Bethea - Getting too old and play is starting to fall off.
  • Vinatieri - Spending this much money on a kicker may be a luxury we can not afford right now.
  • Bradshaw - Wish we could bring him back, but don't see it with Ballard and Richardson on the roster.
  • D. Brown - See Bradshaw.
  • Also - DHB, McGlynn, Vaughn, Franklin, Moala, Angerer, Sidbury, Matthews, Conner, Brown, Reitz, Lutrus, Hickman, Johnson.

Players Cut - -6 Players @ -$7 million (Total 41 players @ $89.1 million)

  • Satele - $4 million in cap savings. Needs to be replaced.
  • Others - Lynch ($750k), J. Brown ($645k), Herron ($570k), Rainey ($570k), Adongo ($495k). Clearing roster space.
  • Can not cut - Walden or Landry due to cap implications.

Free Agents Signed - +5 Players @ +$28.5 million (Total 46 players @ $117.6 million)

  • Jairus Byrd - $8 million. Probably the top target for a lot of teams. This assumes we get him. One of the best FS in the league and we need to replace Bethea if he walks.
  • Alex Mack - $6 million. Seems like a lot for a center, but I don't think I need to explain what happens when you don't have someone competent holding down that position. Mack is tops in the league.
  • Donald Butler - $6 million. I was tempted to go with Dansby, but didn't think his cap number would fit. I like the SD connection with Manusky and we need some young talent next to Freeman.
  • Cedric Thornton - $4.75 million. Philli connection. Similar to what we paid RJF but Thornton is probably stronger against the run. Could use some strength to shore up the DL and Thornton should fit nicely.
  • Jon Asamoah - $3.75 million. Very good player who happened to lose his starting spot in KC last year. Not ready to turn over the reigns full time to Thornton yet. Asamoah should pair well with Mack and Thomas.

Rookies - +7 players at +$4.1 million (Total 53 players @ $121.7 million)

  • Round 2 - Jordan Matthews - WR Vandy. Need an heir to Reggie. Having not addressed this in FA it becomes priority #1 in the draft. Thought about going CB here, but I would rather invest in getting Luck some help.
  • Round 3 - Daniel McCullers - NT Tenn. I have Franklin leaving in FA and I don't know that Chapman or Hughes have shown enough to be given the starting NT position without competition. McCullers is very strong and could hold the point.
  • Round 5 - Jaylen Watkins - CB Florida. Expecting Toler to start again next season because he played well when in. However, expect him to get injured at some point. Watkins has huge upside and can play man cover. Great to have a player like this waiting in the wings.
  • Round 6 - Glenn Carson - ILB Penn St. Need some depth here after letting Conner and Angerer walk. Carson could see time on special teams.
  • Round 7 - Silas Redd - RB USC. Need a 3rd down back after letting DB and Bradshaw walk. Lots of talent here and he could emerge as a real threat.
  • UDFA - Chandler Catanzaro - K Clemson. Need a kicker to replace Vinatieri.
  • UDFA - Ciante Evans - CB Nebraska. Can never have too many good corners especially after letting a couple go in FA.

The 53 Man Roster

QB - Luck, Hasslebeck

RB - Ballard, Richardson, Redd

FB - Havili

WR1 - Wayne, Matthews, Rogers

WR2 - Hilton, Brazill

TE - Allen, Fleener, Saunders, Doyle

LT - Costanzo, Anderson

LG - Thomas, Linkenbach

C - Mack, Holmes

RG - Asamoah, Thonrton

RT - Cherilus, Nixon

RE - Redding, Hughes

NT - Chapman, McCullers

LE - Thonton, RJF

LOLB - Werner, Walden, Studebaker

LILB - Freeman, Sheppard

RILB - Butler, Carson, McNary

ROLB - Mathis, Harvey

CB1 - Davis, Butler, Evans

CB2 - Toler, Watkins, Gordy

FS - Byrd, Howell

SS - Landry

P - McAfee

K - Catanzano

LS - Overton

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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