Thrift Shopping FA edition

To think Chuck Pagno is now the coach with the most seniority in the AFC South is very interesting. The conference seems to be moving in a different direction then in the past. Normally a hot bed for top running backs we are possibly seeing MJD, Chris Johnson, and Ben Tate leave us. IMO these guys are all top 20 RB in the game, and each one absence will make their former team change or adjust their identity. Do their departure change our mentality of stopping the run?

This year we have decent cap space to spend on FA. I see alot of talk about cuts and to be honest the only one that I am for is to cut the swinging gate we have at center. Matt Hasselbeck is also a strong contender but not such a big deal. We seen improvement from Vonte Davis and I'm wishing for improvement and health from Toler and Landry. As far as Landry if we acquire a great Safety I can see him roaming the fields similar to Seattle's Chancellor.

This year we are missing a couple of Draft picks, so we have to be diligent in FA to get impact players and not just depth. Finding impact players normally mean over paying but we have to structure contracts accordingly because in the next 3 years we will be breaking the bank on key players we NEED to keep.

Before I start keep in mind we are a pretty young team. IMO we should want to be able to put the best product on the field while also giving our young players time to develop aka don't be the Redskins of the early 2000s. I am trying to be unbiased as possible and will even list players that contradict what I just stated above.


High Dollar

Alex Mack, would be huge signing for our OL, Luck health and possibly T-Rich confidence. This guy was a 1st round pick which is rare for a center.

Market Value

Brian De La Puente, the Saints maybe in a bind with Graham contract coming up. This guy has been solid and have good experience. His blitz recognition and the fact that he played with Brees is a huge plus. Winning give an attitude that players from a losing organization may lack.

Ryan Wendell, we all know the patriots way (if your not Tom Brady you can and will be replaced). This is a decent young center. Tom is getting up there in age and we are all counting down on them rebuilding or stinking for a couple of years, is this the right time for him to jump ship?


Keep what we have now with Holmes and Mcglynn.


Market Value

Roger Saffold, young hungry and able. He only had one complete season which worries me.

Jon Asamoah, if we are truly changing our running scheme for T-Rich this might be a great pick up. He been healthy for most part and helped contribute to Jamal Charles great season.


Michel Oher, The blind side was a heart warning movie but Oher as of lately has not had a fairy tale career. New scenery and a show me contract may change this.

Jonathan Martin, He maybe shunned in every locker room with the exception of ours, but do we want that media circus that may follow him?


High Dollar

Eric Decker, he will be one of the top earners this off season.

Hakeem Nicks, no matter if you think he lost a step he will be paid like a number 1 receiver. He is crafty with his route running and have huge hands to haul in the ball.

Emmanuel Sanders, he has played his way into this category. We saw what the Pats did last year, his price is only going to increase.

Market Value

Jeremey Maclin, at first I put him in clearance but he will have many suitors. He hasn't had stellar stats but GMs love to pay for potential.

Riley Cooper, good routes and hands if he hits the market he will be a hot commodity.

Brandon LaFell, he is a good number 2 and can be a solid contributor.

Julian Eldeman, if he gets any suitors other then the Pats he will be gone. Welker and Cruz have really redefine the slot WR position.

Clearance/ Sleeper Alert

Andre Roberts, a speedy WR that had a big role in Arizona before Flyod came along.

Jacoby Ford, his role for the Raiders really diminished these past few years but could be a huge pick up for special teams purposes.

Robert Meachem, he left Brees before and went to San Diego and eventually got cut, will he venture out again?

Golden Tate, he has hands and heart. He has proven himself to be dependable and stepped up in the absence of Rice and Harvin.

Danario Alexander, Good receiver who could possibly be a number 1 if injuries stop slowing him down. His he worth the risk.


Top Dollar

Jarius Bryd, worth every penny if his attitude is correct. He is a pro bowler and can add 1 or 2 games to the win column.

TJ Ward, might be cheaper than Bryd but by how much?

Market Value

Chris Clemons, decent safety that brings leadership and accountability to secondary.




Top Dollar

Alterraun Verner, great CB that can man up

Brent Grimes, took a one year show me deal and showed out.

Aqib Talib, has vastly improved his man to man coverage in NE. He is outstanding against larger WR.

Market Value

Michael Jenkins, the guy can play very solid but disappears at times.

Captain Munnerlyn, this guy sticks close to WR and lays the hammer.

Antino Cromartie, probably will be cut if he don't restructure. May not be a number 1 anymore but the guy can still play

Javier Arenas, a unique combination of size and speed. He can also contribute to special teams.


Rashean Mathis, a AFC south vet that can still play and gives you that height that everyone wants in a db now in days.

Chris Cook, 6'2 db who lines up against Calvin Johnson, Twin Towers of Chicago and a Slew of Packers WR. He has been underwhelming but can Pagno change that?


High Dollar

Brian Orakpo, great pass rusher coming in his prime.

Michael Johnson, had a down year but should command top dollar

Jason Worilds, young OLB that is starting to finally contribute to the steelers.

Market Value

Jon Beason, once a top lb injuries has plagued him. Can he return to form

Karlos Dansby, he is still performing well at his age.

Lamar Houston, stock is on the rise and maybe best opportunity to leave raiders.

Brandon Spikes, great with run support but lacks coverage skills

Donald Butler, good ILB that hasn't played a full season since his rookie year. Great in coverage while still providing decent run support.

Shaun Phillips, he is still getting to the QB and could be a short term answer till our other players develop.


Perry Riley, a consistent contributor for the Redskins. He is a jack of all trades but isn't great at anything.

Arthur Jones, great hands to get by defenders and has shown improvement in dropping back in coverage.


Top Dollar

Henry Melton, coming off of a injury he still maybe top dog in this category. The Bears run defense struggle without him.

Jason Hatcher, he showed up big time and he probably will be paid 4 it.

Paul Soliai, he is a big force in the middle but this will be his last contract.

Market Value

Randy Starks, he is a space eater.

Kevin Williams, he has been good for the Vikings helping free up their de and lb to do damage.


Cam Thomas, his role for the chargers increased this year and for a big dude he has a decent motor.

Terrence Cody, one of Pagno old guys that can be brought in to help the identity of this defense.

This list of players is just my snapshot of the 2014 FA available. I tried to look at post and include players i seen mentioned multiple times. I think a good mix of Market Value and Clearance players should be our targets.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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