T.Y. Hilton and the 2012 NFL Draft

All this draft talk has got me into NFL Draft mode. Recently I've been looking at the 2012 NFL draft. The 2012 Indianapolis Colts draft class might just be the greatest draft class in Indianapolis Colts history for many reasons, one of them being TY Hilton. Hilton, through just 2 NFL seasons, has been amazing for a 5'9" WR drafted in the 3rd round. I always love a player that has success after being drafted in the later rounds or even not at all. I also am amazed at the amount of busts ahead of a breakout player who was drafted late or not at all. So the other day I was wondering how the WRs drafted ahead of Hilton have done through their first 2 seasons. Here's how their numbers compare to Hilton's through 2 NFL seasons:

Order in which each WR drafted ahead of Hilton was drafted and by which team:

Justin Blackmon (5th overall, Jaguars)

Michael Floyd (13th overall, Cardinals)

Kendall Wright (20th overall, Titans)

A.J. Jenkins (30th overall, 49ers)

Brian Quick (33rd overall, Rams)

Stephen Hill (43rd overall, Jets)

Alshon Jeffery (45th overall, Bears)

Ryan Broyles (54th overall, Lions)

Rueben Randle (63rd overall, Giants)

DeVier Posey (68th overall, Texans)

T.J. Graham (69th overall, Bills)

Mohamed Sanu (83rd overall, Bengals)

T.Y. Hilton (92nd overall, Colts)


158-Kendall Wright

132-T.Y. Hilton*

113-Alshon Jeffery

110- Michael Floyd

93- Justin Blackmon

63- Mohamed Sanu

60- Rueben Randle

54- T.J. Graham

45- Stephen Hill

30- Ryan Broyles

29- Brian Quick

21- DeVier Posey

8- A.J. Jenkins

Receiving Yards:

1,944- T.Y. Hilton*

1,788- Alshon Jeffery

1,705- Kendall Wright

1,603- Michael Floyd

1,280- Justin Blackmon

909- Rueben Randle

683- T.J. Graham

609- Mohamed Sanu

594- Stephen Hill

458- Brian Quick

395- Ryan Broyles

242- DeVier Posey

130- A.J. Jenkins

Receiving TDs:

12- T.Y. Hilton*

10- Alshon Jeffrey

9- Rueben Randle

7- Michael Floyd

6- Justin Blackmon

6- Kendall Wright

6- Mohamed Sanu

4- Brian Quick

4- Stephen Hill

3- T.J. Graham

2- Ryan Broyles

0- DeVier Posey

0- A.J. Jenkins

First Downs:

90- Kendall Wright

79- Alshon Jeffery

76- T.Y. Hilton*

74- Michael Floyd

58- Justin Blackmon

41- Rueben Randle

38- Mohamed Sanu

32- Stephen Hill

27- T.J. Graham

21- Brian Quick

20- Ryan Broyles

8- DeVier Posey

4- A.J. Jenkins

Top 5 best individual performances:

TY Hilton vs Chiefs 2014: 13 recs, 224 yrds, 2 TDs (playoffs!!!)

Kendall Wright vs. Cardinals 2013: 12 recs, 150 yrds

Alshon Jeffery vs Vikings 2013: 12 recs, 249 yrds, 2 TDs

Michael Floyd vs Jaguars 2013: 6 recs, 193 yrds, 1 TD

Justin Blackmon vs Texans 2012: 7 recs, 236 yrds, 1 TD

Obviously each of these WRs has faced different circumstances, but I think overall TY Hilton has done better than any WR drafted before him in 2012, and actually looking at the rest of the WRs drafted in 2012, Hilton seems to be the best as there hasn't been anyone of significance so far after Hilton also. I didn't put any of the stats of WRs taken after Hilton because none of them has put any numbers even close to Hilton's. Hilton has a good shot at being the best WR from the 2012 NFL Draft class, and the Colts grabbed him in the 3rd round 92nd overall.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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