The Colt's memorable performance against the Chiefs is symbolic of their memorable Season

With the Colts down 38-10, with 23 minutes, 40 seconds on the clock, would it be crazy to think they could come back against a very good (pass) defense with 5 Pro Bowlers (plus Derrick Johnson)? If you watched the Colts enough this year- the crazy Colts, with a superstar in Andrew Luck, you would be crazy if you thought they were beat.

This was such a symbolic performance of this year because it had such frustrating/terrible periods,momentum shifts, plays filled with delight and plays that no other team could make- especially on offense, where there are first and second year players starting at most skilled positions. It reminded everyone that this is a special team with heart. For me, these were the Ugly as well as Magnificent highlights (NOTE: some of these ideas coincide with Josh's great notes).


-The turnovers were awful from the Colts. Some could say it was just good plays from the Chiefs- but I think they were just whacky plays from the offense. When addressing the turnovers, lets start off with the worst one: enter Trent Richardson. No No No Trent. I seriously thought he was starting to find some form, after improving upon his mediocre play late into the regular season...but then, the worst thing happened. He had one carry- he tried to change the ball into his other hand, then it turned into a disastrous fumble. If the Colts are serious about winning now (which is the mentality they should have- shockingly), then the coaches should only consider putting him in the game on 3rd downs and less than 2- as a decoy or pass blocker. He cannot be trusted to get yards, or even hold onto the ball now. His sour season has just turned even worst now, and the offseason just can't come soon enough for him. Donald Brown (who I will get onto later) needs the snaps. The other three turnovers were all on Luck- at the end of the half, that was a poor read where Flowers picked it off in zone coverage. The first play of the second half should not of been thrown to Donald Brown. Husain Abdullah dared Luck to throw it to Donald- and he tried to force it. The other turnover, because of Luck again, was an underthrow to TY Hilton and Abdullah again got a gift interception. Those were all the uglies from Luck- but of course, he more than made up for these three turnovers (and then some; I'll get to him later).

-The secondary (mainly the starters) laid an egg. This is very significant as the news gets worst for them- they have to play Peyton Manning or Tom Brady next week. Yes, they are banged up and the Colts pass rush lacked at times. But there were plays- mainly from Greg Toler and LaRon Landry, where I wanted to rip out my mate's television (figuratively speaking- he is a Chief fan, so it wouldn't matter anyways) and slam it into the ground. For example, with 3 minutes, 20 seconds left in the first quarter (i.e. the 60+ yard reception by Bowe); Toler's man coverage was so soft and then the most embarrassing attempt of a 'tackle' that I have ever seen followed, from non other than LaRon Landry. Like, it was so terrible- Dwayne Bowe does not have speed anywhere near Desean Jackson either. After Toler had a poor tackle attempt too, it was up to Antonie Bethea (who I think was the best starting defensive back for the Colts against the Chiefs- even though that is not saying much, given the way V.Davis, G.Toler and L.Landry played) to clean up their mess. Terrible. Toler again let another huge completion (this time, for a touchdown) to Donnie. 2 completions of 60+ yards let in by Toler today. I think there should be serious contract evaluations this offseason for Toler (and Landry too). Another poor secondary play was from Darius Butler (or it may have been Josh Gordy) where in the closing minutes when the Chiefs were rallying (for once)- the ball was luckily overthrown by Alex Smith where it was easy 6 because a Colt player was not within 5-10yards- I think that was on Darius Butler (?).

-Kelvin Sheppard whacking LaRon's head when he was concussed was the most dumbest thing I have seen in a long while.

-56%: Chief's converted 9/16 third downs- 56%. That really, really needs to get addressed. For comparison's sake, last year's Baltimore Ravens worst third down postseason performance (statistically) in a game was 46%- they faced 3 quarterbacks last year (Luck, Manning, Brady) marginally better than what the Colts did today. So this third down % was UGLY too.

I am sick of the negatives now...


-Before we get onto Andrew Luck, I think the ultimate hero is TY Hilton. He accounted for over 50% of the passing yards! The final touchdown was just magical, as he smoked the safeties for a 64 yarder for the go ahead. He consistently made Dunta Robinson grasp at air and he turned 5 yard crossing yard routes into big completions multiple times. Colts desperately needed someone to step up for Reggie Wayne (a Hall of Famer) and Hilton is doing that. He is tied second (with Torry Holt), one behind Randy Moss, for most 100+ yard games for a second year player.

-Andrew Luck will never quit. He is supernatural and does things no other quarterback will dare (e.g. that fumble recovery for a TD). For 1 poor play (the main 3 were aforementioned) he will make up by making 10 WOW plays (on average). I think you've read heaps of amazing things on Luck's performance, so I won't go into too much detail on him- playing fantastic is his standard and it was great to see his first postseason win (I'm 99.999999% sure there will be way more to come).

-Robert Mathis made a game changing strip sack- Magnificent.

-Pep Hamilton has been the main factor in the turn around for the Colts' offense. Any talk of him getting fired after one season has been ridiculed by his performance the past month, particularly after calling his best game of the year today. The offense's first drive of the game had 7 Andrew Luck passes and it yielded a touchdown. Full credit to him for going away from his bread and butter (the power formation)- he has been calling terrific plays in his newer, more spread offense.

-Donald Brown must get a new contract with the Colts.

-Da'Rick Rogers made an incredible, 46 yard catch early in the third quarter over Chief's 6ft 3 corner Sean Smith.

-He got burnt at times, but I was actually impressed with Antonie Bethea. He should've sacked Alex Smith in the first quarter (which could've killed the drive- the Chiefs got 7 instead). He also made a poor decision to leave Knile Davis open for the easy TD when Smith went outside the pocket. But he also had limited help from the defenders- mainly the other DBs (particularly in the first half). The great plays he made stuck out more to me than the poor ones. He led the tackle count and was flying around all game: chasing down Dwayne Bowe in the first quarter after 60+ yards made the Chiefs tack on three instead of 7 (which may have been the difference in the end). He looked like the only starting DB showing life. I think if the Colts can get him cheap this offseason, he would be great value. He tries so hard and he was impressive overall.

-Giving Gordy and Butler more time after experiencing incompetent cornerback play was warranted. They were much better overall.

-Jerrell Freeman loves to hit- and he hits hard. He is the JukeBox. Donnie Avery will wake up sore because of the hit (I'm not saying I am happy he got injured; it was just a nice hit though). What a great tackler and coverage linebacker.

-I remember the kick coverage team stopping Q.Demps around the 20- that is much better than previous years' special teams play.

-Darius Heyward-Bey's block on the Chiefs' cornerback when Donald Brown went in for the touchdown on the bubble screen was very impressive. He drove him into the ground. It was another great formation dialed up by Pep; and it's great to see they are using DHB to his strengths (blocking and Special Teams).

-The fans at the Luke were great. Not only were they yelling their heads off to get the Chief offense off guard and to help the Colts, but they also showed great sportsmanship by clapping and cheering injured Chiefs players off the field. It should be done, but it was also the right thing- it was very classy.

Overall, with the positives overcoming the wide range of negatives, it was just another game for the Colts. They are overachieving, and their winning ways have just been unexplainable up until this point- but maybe it is just meant to be that way for the rest of the season.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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