PFF Analysis

After researching/finding PFF information about the Colts, some information was accurate, and some was just unbelievable. It's something that is worth a read because it is interesting to see how people grade players, no matter how asinine some claims seem. Here's what I found:

NOTE: ALL COMMENTS ARE BASED ON THE PFF GRADES (I do not have a subscription).


-Is Robert Mathis the Defensive Player of the Year? Well, he would be, if: JJ Watt, Robert Quinn, Gerard McCoy, Lavonte David, Luke Kuechly, Navarro Bowman, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas weren't all playing. They say he wasn't consistently making plays- Hmmmm.

-Corry Redding is the Colt's best run stopper (by a margin); second closest? Ricky-Jean Francois.

Pro Football Focus (subscription required) has Redding as the team's best player in run defense with a plus-16.5 grade. Ricky Jean-Francois was in second with a grade of just plus-6.0.

RJF Seems to be doing pretty well then (Redding always plays fantastic).


-Should they stay or should they go? The Indianapolis Colts have a lot of players on Free Agency who they should let walk...Pat Angerer (minus 10.0) is an obvious non-fit in the 3-4 scheme and is more a 'Polian-guy'- so I highly doubt he gets resigned. As good as Darius Heyward-Bey has been on Special Teams and as a blocker, his receiving skills (or lack of) has resulted in a grade of minus 10.2. With Rogers, Whalen, Brazill there for depth, and Wayne and Hilton as starters, alongside the possibility of bringing someone from the draft or Free Agency in, DHB should not be resigned based on PFF's ranking and his (lack of) skills as a receiver. Lastly, Mike McGlynn graded out so poorly. If PFF's statistics are a true reflection of an offensive linemen's play, McGlynn and his minus 23.4 graded has to be replaced by someone much much better- he shouldn't even be there for depth and (please Forbid Mr. Grigson) as a starter next year. Jeff Linkenbach (-8.1) is another poor olinemen. On the flip side, Pat McAfee (especially), Vontae Davis, Adam Vinateri and Donald Brown seem like must-signs (for a reasonable price). Antonie Bethea is an enigma- he seemed to have played decently last game (based on what I saw; I don't have his grade) and seemed much better than the injured V.Davis (-.5 vs the Chiefs) and especially Greg Toler (-3.6 vs the Chiefs). But he still graded out poorly in the regular season- resign for cheap or not?

-The Colts should land a good interior O-linemen next year. As mentioned, McGlynn graded out (and looked) so poorly this year, so if he is getting snaps at Centre or Guard next year, then poor interior play will most likely continue in parts of the interior. Here are the options: Dominic Raiola, Alex Mack, Evan Dietrich-Smith, Roberto Garza, Jonathan Goodwin, Brian De La Puente are all Centre free agents who got scored good to elite grades- but it must be noted that Mack, Dietrich-Smith and De La Puente were the only ones under 30 years of age. If Colts want to go for a Guard, Travelle Wharton, Geoff Schwartz, Jon Asamoah, Shelley Smith, Richie Incognito (LOL- don't think so though), Colt's very own 'when healthy he is good' Joe Reitz and Mike Pollak are examples of options who graded out good to elite.

-If the Colts want to add a wide receiver next year (Wayne isn't getting younger/is coming off an injury too and TY Hilton is the only receiver with a good mix of polished route running and explosiveness on this team active at this point- Da'Rick Rodgers and Griff Whalen definately have potential though), then adding Golden Tate or ex-Stanford Doug Baldwin would be interesting options. With all the needs on the Colt's roster elsewhere, a cheaper, high upside addition would not hurt. As elite as Anquin Boldin (+17.9) and Eric Decker (16.9) graded, they might be too expensive for the Colts next year. Tate and Baldwin are young, have shown great ability and would be cheaper- so would Grigson make last offseason's rumors a reality this offseason? In a deep WR class, Julian Edelman, Jerome Simpson or Riley Cooper seem like good options too (FYI: DHB is the second worst Free agent WR out of a lot of them).

-If Colts want a real good Free Safety, then only Jarius Byrd (he topped the available FS' at 9.9) seems to be the only option. There seems to be a lot of Strong Safeties (I think that what LaRon Landry is) available, but limited FS'. Therefore, there might not be a high profile signing here as paying Byrd (who will have A LOT of attention go his way) would be very expensive and will result in a lot of money put into the secondary (I expect Vontae to be resigned). This will also result in Mr Grigson's likely fail in addressing the wide range of other needs on the Colts. Maybe the draft is the way to go (if LaRon continues as the Strong Safety).

-For the Linebackers, Kavell Connor must be resigned and used more as he has looked good. Jerrell Freeman, Kavell Connor and another good inside linebacker would solidify a very talented corps. If Pagano and Grigson loves run stoppers so much, then Brandon Spikes is one great option (he would cost a fair bit though and it would be a dream-like scenario for him to be in a Colt jersey). Lots of options here, and I think they need to upgrade this position- out-of-place Angerer has no business being resigned that's for sure and some good rotation would instead of seeing Mario Harvey on the field would be nice. -Also, another player I would consider cutting (along with Satele), who is also on the roster bubble is Greg Toler. It may be a bit soon and all (he only signed last year). But for a guy that has been injured for a good portion of his career (and for a lot of this season), taking the $1million in dead space may not be a bad idea. He will most likely stay, but I think the Colts could find a number 2 caliber corner for $4-6million (Toler being cut would free up 4 million)- and if Grigson would want to bring someone in, then this player should actually be reliable upon to not be constantly injured. There are a tonne of good options at corner, but I doubt it happens.

-Lastly, I am glad the Colts are set at quarterback, because the Free Agent class looks rather poor.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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