Is there really anything better than being a Colts fan?

I mean come on, it’s January, it’s the second round of the playoffs, and the Colts are going to be playing the Patriots in the post-season again! Life is good. It’s been an awesomely puzzling rollercoaster ride of emotionally gripping games all season long and it’s still not over.

Here is my prediction for this Saturday’s game—something big will happen. Big! I mean B-I-G. I don’t know what that means, I just know it won’t be a boring Saturday night in Foxboro. I’ve read Colts fans who are predicting a solid Colts victory, I have read Pats fans and beat writers that believe this game is merely a speed bump between Brady and the airport where a plane is waiting to take him to Denver and the AFC Championship game. Both sides have a reason to be confident.

I doubt that most of the Patriots fans have watched all of the Colts games like we have, so what they know about the Colts should lead them to believe that Indy is coming in more as pretending ponies than as contending Colts. Just look at what they see. A team that is 11-5 but six of those win came against the embarrassingly weak AFC South. They see a team that was blown out by the Rams, Cardinals, and Bengals. They see a team that has at times shown no ability to move the ball on the ground. And, they see a defense that has been shredded by teams on ground and in the air.

I mean what fan wouldn't salivate at the chance of pitting Tom Brady against a defense that made Carson freaking Palmer look like Peyton Manning and Joe Montana’s love child? The only thing that kept Palmer from throwing for 1000 yards in the Arizona desert that game was the end zone! So, Patriotic confidence isn’t all that unwarranted.

However, and this is important, trying to figure out this Colts team is like trying explain the existence of the Easter Bunny to Bigfoot. It can't be done! Pats fans don’t know what sixteen games has taught Colts fans. You can throw everything you have at the 2013-14 Colts and they will keep on coming. This team has torched Seattle’s all-world secondary, ran through the 49ers power defense, and overpowered Denver’s high powered offense. Sure, everyone knows about the 28 point comeback against the Chiefs, but only sixteen game veterans know that this Colts team is capable of doing it again.

This Colts team can make Manning look average and Dalton look like the second coming of Dan Fouts. This Colts team can look soft on paper but send half of your team to the locker room for MRIs before the end of the 3rd quarter. This Colts team can have only 28 yards rushing for the entire game and then pound the ball down your throat for the last six minutes of the game while your coaching staff scratches its head. This Colts team can spot you 15, 17, or even 28 points only to take them away from you as the clock reads 00:01. A team can do almost everyting right for most of the game against this Colts team and still go to the locker room with a loss. Jon Gruden thinks the Colts are a team of destiny, I believe they are a team of question. And, the question seems to be, "What are they going to do?" I believe that they can do great things this week, but I kind of have to see it to really "believe" it.

I’m an all out Colts fan, and I’m all in every game but I have to admit this year’s team has confused me. One week I wonder if Pep Hamilton knows what the NFL is then the next week I see him managing his players and playbook to perfection (at least at times). Just when I think Grigson’s off season moves were too much of a stretch in attempts to find talent where everyone else didn’t see it, one of his guys steps up. So, I say it’s great to be a Colts fan. The Patriots are up next and I can’t wait. I have no idea what is going to happen Saturday. I just have to believe it is going to be big!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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