Letter to Brad

First off, I don't care if this gets me banned been thinking about deleting this account anyway. I was Painter's fan, and still am in someways, but anyone making fun about it I just laugh at it. I am a Purdue fan first and support all Boilermakers past and present. I choose the name not long after he was Drafted by the Colts when I joined the blog. I liked him in college and thought he would be a serviceable back-up. It didn't work out that way, but who cares. Not every 6th rounder turns into Tom Brady.

Second, reading the articles posted lately it is not that I question your knowledge of posting what you want people to care about of even your thoughts. I question your knowledge of the actual sport of football. There is more to it than just plugging a player and go. Even on the coaching staff it is harder than most could think. It is a giant chess match, you talk about how Pagano doesn't get the defense ready, what about the other teams coaches that have to set their own offensive game plans. Look at the Rams game, the Rams for the first time to that point of the year, used Austin on the Go route and actually trough it.

Even then they are great at making adjustments at half time, otherwise we wouldn't be able to make these comebacks. Do I believe there is room for improvement. Yes I do. I'm not stupid as you have called me before. This was his first full year as HC, in case you forgot he did miss almost all of last year, not everything is going to go right and now they have a better understanding of how it needs to improve. If it continues through next season then it it time for the negativity to the extreme, but creative criticism is the point it should be at with bloggers and the fans. Let them know we are not happy with where the team is at, but not calling for his head yet.

Even your latest article show little knowledge about the sport and this team. Sanders is a slot guy, you said so yourself in there. We have a slot receiver in T.Y. We need another outside guy, and it doesn't need to be a speedster. With this offensive mindset the team has, they need a bigger WR that is of the possession build. To catch the ball and be able to block for our run game.

Speed is great and would help, but that was last years game plan, it is now ball control. As I stated on Twitter, passing the ball wins in regular season, but running and defense wins in the post season. Just watch this whole post season, the team that ran the ball and played defense won. Even the Broncos in the games they won did it. Did Peyton play great in those, yes he did. But watch thier run game and the defense shut down the Chargers and Pats. I don't even need to talk about the Seahawks.

Third, you call Indianapolis fair weather fans, but bash them when they showed loyalty to the guy who built Indianapolis and the Colts to where they are now with the mind set of winning. Colts use to stand for Count On Losing This Sunday, but Manning changed that. And while letting him go was the right choice for both sides, Colt fans will always love him and support him at all times, except when he plays the Colts. And maybe you forgot living in NY, this state is filled with ND football/ IU Basketball fans they never let go of the past.

And finally this country has something called freedom of speech. I listen to your opinions and take them in, then I give my own that very often do not agree with yours and tell you so. You call it trolling but it is more stating my opinion. You threaten to ban me due to trolling you in your articles and comments. Why don't you go through my comments posted. You will find I have very rarely posted lately and even less have anything to due with you.

Bleed Blue and BTFU,


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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