FA Musings....

So, my first Fan Post on StampedeBlue... I've followed and kept up with all the happenings, but just never had time to try and do a FanPost. So here I go! (Also, sorry if the formatting is so bad, will try and clean it up).

This is addressing FA. I'll do a post on the draft after this, as my logic from FA -> draft picks will be more visible for everyone to see before starting to rag on me for bad picks.

Quickly, here's who I want to resign from the Colts (will not be putting contract numbers, just want them back).


Assuming all of these get done, hopefully we have enough cap space to make the signings I listed below... I would love for this to be the offseason we have, so without further ado..

Free Agency

1. Brian de la Puente, C

To me, he's the only center not-named Alex Mack whose worth the money... He's a great pass protector, and an underrated run blocker. He would immediately be the starter (as I assume Grigson will cut Satele and add $4 million to the cap for this year to spend on other players).

2. Donald Butler, ILB

Let's face it: other than Jerrell Freeman, our ILB core was pretty weak. Between Pat Angerer, Kelvin Sheppard (who I think can be cut and give us about an additional $1.4 million in cap with no dead money), Kavell Connor and others, it just wasn't enough. Butler is a great run-stopper, as well as a good pass protector, allowing more flexibility than other ILBs like Brandon Spikes (great run-stopper, but terrible in coverage).

3. Chad Rinehart*, RG

He would provide competition for Hugh Thornton, though I expect Rinehart to lock up the starting position immediately, bar any injury. He's not a great RG by any means; he has good pass-protecting ability, but he's an underrated run-blocker. He is a good under the radar signing we can make to shore up the line. One thing to consider: Will Grigson address this position especially after drafting Thornton in the 3rd round last year? He did okay towards the end of the year, but not good enough.

There's a giant asterisk because I want Jon Asamoah. Him + de la Puente would make our line formidable and vastly improve both the run game and the pass game. However, I don't see Grigson going this big on a signing. Let's see how it pans out.

4. Israel Idonije, DE/DT

I like his versatility, and his veteran presence could be a good influence. Wasn't used much in Detroit, so could come cheap. Versatile situational pass rusher.

5. Damian Williams, WR

People say to take a flyer on Jeremy Maclin, or try and get Nicks, Sanders, or someone. To me, this is the guy. He's young, and he's loaded with potential. Reggie Wayne can mentor him, and they share about the same body type. Needs to learn crisper route running ability as well as breakaway ability. The raw instincts are there. They just need to be better placed.


Most of the others should be depth signings... guys like Reggie Walker, Asante Samuel (veteran presence), etc. can help shore up the rest of the team.

Some points to consider: I don't have us signing a FS in FA because I plan to address that need in the draft. Same thing with a NT, a 3rd string RB, a young developmental WR, etc.

Please comment on your thoughts! Would love to hear back. Im gonna do my mock draft here within the next week, so hopefully everyone likes it! Go Colts!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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