An Argument Against Signing WR! (Dear Mr. Grigson:)

(This was originally a comment but ended up turning into a novella so I thought I'd post it here)

Hey Mister Grigson! It's me, Pat. Hey, if it's not to much of a bother...Please don't buy up a wide receiver unless you're paying him WR3 money. Golden Tate would be a FANTASTIC pickup for the right price, but he'll end up getting overpaid or stay with his Championship-winning Seahawks anyways.

The problem is that even though the spread O worked better last year (it did) and the power run game was an absolute dumpster fire (it really was), Pep will revert back to his two TE formations, leaving only two WR's on the field for a healthy portion of snaps. And really, can you blame him? Okay, sure. You can maybe blame him. A little. I mean, in a perfect world we'd be rocking a zone running scheme for Mister Richardson and a spread O for our receivers. But we've got Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener, which (if they can stay healthy and continue to develop) will be a powerful combination to utilize in 2014. And honestly I really think we've already got some solid depth at WR.

By the way, this is all assuming our D doesn't stink it up like a bridge troll's grundle, leaving us to play catch-up/air it out until we claw our way back into a game. Kid fckin Comeback.

I say the best case scenario is for a little of everything. A true "No-Coast" offense, adapting to the strengths and weaknesses of opposing defenses. Things would change on the weekly! I love the idea of switching it up as often as possible. I was originally aggravated that Pep didn't run the hurry-up more often as we were successful with the faster pace. But I started realizing why he did it: when you switch it up like Pep did it keeps defenses on their heels and disallows them from getting into any sort of rhythm.

I suppose the counter argument there would be that it probably affected the rhythm of the Colts O as well. At any rate, I thought part of the success of the hurry-up was in it's utilization.

Hey we were were talking about FA WRS here! Sorry Grigs. Look it, I'm assuming we run a ton of TE sets next year, and I'm down to see how that goes with a healthy Dwayne Allen. But that doesn't leave a lot of room for anything other than depth players. Why not look for a guy to develop in the draft? I'd love to see a WR with our first pick! Give him a couple years to develop behind Reggie before my very favorite professional finally hangs it up for good.

It's important to have quality depth. Just don't give a guy WR2 money to ride the bench! And stuff. You know? Hey thanks for listening buddy! GO HORSE!!

Your diligent fan, Pat.

ps Hey nice pickup with that CFL dood! Everybody seems to be focusing on the Landry and Toler whiff. I think you're doing great! Everybody misses bad once and awhile, and besides! Your structuring of the contracts was brilliant, and you certainly have managed to find some diamonds in the rough! I mean, Jerrell Freeman? Friggin seriously?!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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