The Best Job in the World - Part 1 of 2

Greetings and salutations! It took me quite a while to work up to this – my first Fan Post. I grew up in the scorching plains of India, and until I was 17, football meant kicking around a round ball (and sometimes especially irritating players). It wasn’t until 2004, when I had Christmas at my college roommate’s house, that I got truly introduced to Football. He lived in Indy at that time, his mom got me a Colts t-shirt as a Christmas gift, and I have been Gunning Blue ever since. So if my understanding of the game is less nuanced than yours, try to remember, I am only about 10 years old in football age.

In my eyes, being the GM of the Colts would rank somewhere alongside traveling to Mars or getting access to a time machine (Yes, I am in graduate school. What?). So, I sat down and tried to think about how I would put together a team worthy of lifting the Lombardi and here’s what I came up with. I will try to explain my reasoning every step of the way, both qualitatively and quantitatively. I am assuming that cap number will be something around 131 million.

I want to start with a vision of the 53-man roster. I will outline the players in each position and (because I think numbers, along with food and love make the world go round), include the cap hits of each players as well. I took the cap numbers from here. I should say that I think I am doing something wrong, because I can fit in quite a few players! Also, I haven’t thought about what will happen in 2016 when the draft class of 2012 outgrows their wookie wontracts.

In this part I am outlining the offense (the easy part). Also note that I will be setting aside 7.75 million to sign draft picks and UDFAs. I will do this at the end, so my CAP LEFT calculations below start with a cap of 131million.

QUARTERBACK: I really wanted to keep Matt Hasselbeck as a backup. But I think without Luck we are pretty doomed anyway. So it seemed more logical to cut him, and use the 2.25 million in added cap space somewhere else. By strengthening other positions we will be better built to function without Luck (in a different way).

Andrew Luck


Chandler Harnish






WIDE RECEIVERS: I don’t think we should add a WR in free agency. We MAY choose to add one in the draft, but I think the WRs we have are adequate, especially with Andrew Luck at the helm.I have planned for a "free" draft slot, and if we had someone fall into our laps, I guess we could get one. I am about as enthusiastic about getting a new WR, as I am about getting a haircut.

Reggie Wayne


TY Hilton


Da'Rick Rogers


Lavon Brazill


Griff Whalen






RUNNING BACKS: For better or for worse (I think for the better), T-Rich is our first round selection this year. So we have to roll with him. I did debate bringing Donald Brown back, and I am still not sure about that (although it sounds like he thinks he is going to a new place). You might be (justifiably) leery of having Ballard as the lead back one year removed from an ACL surgery, but speed and shiftiness aren’t his major strengths, so I have hopes that he will return to what he showed. Plus, his injury was non-contact (he avoided damage to other ligaments, a la Marcus Lattimore), and early in the season (gives him way more time to recover). Heck, I was back on the soccer fields 9 months after my ACL surgery.

Vick Ballard


Trent Richardson


Dan Herron


Stanley Havili






TIGHT ENDS: As you were. No need to pontificate or philosophize. Jack Doyle is cheaper than Saunders and I can’t tell them apart (in terms of production)

Dwayne Allen


Coby Fleener


Jack Doyle






OFFENSIVE LINE: Here lies the first challenge. I went crazy and cut Samson Satele. I also chose to not resign Mike McGlynn. Anthony Costanzo is not actually a free agent until next year, but I gather now is the time to give him a new deal. I have him on a 5 year/40 million deal, which puts him about level with what Russell Okung is making. I think this might be overpaying Costanzo, but I am not sure.

I signed Brian de la Puente on a 3 year/13.5 million deal. The Saints don’t have a lot of cap space to maneuver with, and I think de la Puente could be a good Center while Khaled Holmes gets ready (only Grigson or Pagano knows when that will be). Is this overpaying? Maybe, but I would pay a LOT more just to be Satele-less.

I also resigned Joe Reitz on a 1 year/620,000 deal. That’s apparently what his current salary is. I think I am one O-lineman short, so we can draft one.

Anthony Costanzo


Donald Thomas


Brian de la Puente


Hugh Thornton


Gosder Cherilus


Xavier Nixon


Khaled Holmes


Joe Reitz







So there you have it. I still have3- 4 draft picks and close to $87 million left to fix the defense, re-sign Vontae Davis and keep Pat McAfee (and I have a few curve balls in there). I hope you enjoyed reading my (rather rambling) thoughts, and I will be back with the defense and special teams section soon.

Oh, and if I am making a mistake calculating cap hits, please tell me now!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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