Please stop saying McAfee can Punt and Placekick.

This will NEVER happen in the NFL. No McAfee is NOT good enough at FG's to be a placekicker. If he was good enough, he'd be a place kicker NOT a punter. Practicing FGs and making them in games are two totally different things. Sure in 2013 if Adam Vinateri were to pull a groin during a game, McAfee would've kicked the PATs(Andrew Luck could probably make 9/10 PATs). But you will never have one guy doing both for that reason. Remember what happened to the Bengal's punter on a punt return this year? His jaw was BROKEN.

If McAfee is practicing FGs in practice, you should say that's stupid he should be practicing punting.

Every time McAfee punted last year and it DIDNT pin the opponent inside the 20, you should say maybe he shouldn't have spent time in practice/pre game practicing FGs.

Every time a punt was returned more than 5 yards you should say, maybe McAfee should practice getting more hang time instead of practicing FGs.

I get that McAfee is a fan favorite and as punter, holder, and kick off specialist he's valuable to the team(A LOT of punters do this BTW.) So many Colts fans want to see him resigned, but I won't be upset if he isn't because we can draft a punter in the 7th round that can do the EXACT same thing on the field.

It's hard to gauge punters based on statistics but one that we CAN look at is Avg. return yards given up. Basically, the BEST punters will get enough hang time for the coverage unit to make the tackle OR he'll pin them inside the 20 or out of bounds with ZERO return.

Here's the Colts #'s with McAfee and the Colts record that year

2009 64 Punts 36 Returns for 301 Yards 8.3 average (16th in the NFL) Colts 14-2

2010 69 Punts 28 Returns for 229 Yards 10.7 average (23rd in the NFL) Colts 10-6

2011 88 Punts 48 Returns for 550 Yards 11.5 average (19th in the NFL) Colts 2-14

2012 73 Punts 32 Returns for 375 Yards 11.7 average (26th in the NFL) Colts 11-5

2013 76 Punts 29 Returns for 396 Yards 13.7 average (31st in the NFL) Colts 11-5

ESPN Punting Stats

For reference, Seattle's Jon Ryan gave up 3.9 yards per return last year.

I read comments about McAfee being a top 10 punter. Going by the stats on ESPN there's no way to verify that. Now you can say that he's a great guy, great for the community, he's funny, he's on Bob and Tom, he's funny on Twitter , and he has the Pat McAfee show but statistically he's not a top 10 punter. Even if you sort it by average yards per punt, he's cracked the top 10 only 2 out of 6 years. And in fact the Colts have been in the bottom half of the league in punt return yards ALLOWED since he arrived.

So PLEASE stop saying he can do both duties for your beloved Colts next year.

The Colts should tag Vinateri as Brad Wells suggested and look elsewhere for a punter UNLESS, McAfee is willing to take less money to stay in Indy where he is loved by fans and twitter followers and bartenders.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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