Overwrought On Our Offseason

As always I start replying to a comment and it gets... lengthy. So per the request of fellow stampeders I decided to separate my thoughts into a post.

First I want to talk about our Coach and GM, both of whom have my full support. Let me try to explain why, for some good and personal reasons.

Pagano: I believe that a players Coach is a great asset to any team. All styles of coaching have their pro's and con's. But a players coach has the an edge on getting the most out of their players, as the players actually like/respect their coach. I believe it was crucial to the Colt's success that we chose Pagano. When he started, we practically turned the whole roster over, and had many new and young faces. As fate would have it Pagano underwent a battle with cancer. This may have been a blessing in disguise for the team. Arian's went on to do a great job with the team, and the team gelled together and played harder then they would have.

(Side/irrelevant note: I was also battling cancer the same time as Chuck, so I feel this stupid personal connection to him, as watching the Colt's play on Sunday was the best medicine for us!)

I would say the main Pro Pagano has going for him is that he has the locker room, which is crucial. Now onto Con's or debatable issues: He is (or at least was) WAY too conservative. Often making the 'wrong' decision in terms of going for it on 4th or settling for the FG - in terms to field position etc. It certainly seems like he has gotten better with that, maybe not to the extent that we/I would like. But I have noticed improvement there. The other main knock on Pagano is that he is supposed to be a defensive genius... and it didn't look like that with our D play last year. To which I won't argue, or excuse away. However, last year was practically his first year as the Colt's HC. Which is why I'm insanely curious to see how he preforms with the Defense next year.

The other issue would have to be game preparedness. How many times did the Colt's come out looking flat? Too many to want to know! But again, I'm willing to understand how he may have been a little overwhelmed in the position due to lack of experience. Next year, that excuse won't stand... and perhaps Chud will help with that.. just speculation on my part. That's about all I got in terms of Pagano. For some reason I love that damn guy, and love having him as the Coach. (never was a fan of Caldwell)

Now onto Grigson. The common thread I'm seeing around here is that he hit a grand slam in his first year, and struck out with the bases loaded, 2 outs, in the bottom of the 9th, game 7 of the World Series, down 1 run, in his second year.

I agree with the first sentiment and disagree with the second. Here's why: It's too early to tell how last years draft turned out. The first year was phenomenal, and that's why he won an award, it's not supposed to happen like that every time. If Thornton and Holmes develop into acceptable starters, the whole draft gets viewed differently. Also, regarding the contract he gave out... I'm sick and tired of hearing about how he overpaid for the players. That is THE definition of FA, he may have defined it a little TOO clearly, but he got the players he WANTED. I for one, am ready to see how they progress in our system and will reserve judgement until next year, when we are in our 3rd year of the program/process.

The T-Rich trade, I loved it when it happened, and I'd still do it again. We got the first and third overall picks playing next to each other. 2 blue chip caliber players under cheap contracts. Not to mention the TE's and TY Hilton on offense too. Once that line stops being a sieve, its Super Bowl ready area of the Colts. It seems like everyone has a different theory for why T-Rich stunk it up in his first year with the Colt's. I don't have any theories or answers, and won't pretend to do so. However, the fact that ANYBODY could gain positive yards behind that line was a miracle. Donald Brown was an angel, that's all there is to it! (I kid). I did see an interesting article about the play called, and how it was designed to develop, VS how it actually developed when T-Rich got the ball. Needless to say, it was disgusting and painful to digest. But couple that with the fact that T-Rich was trying to learn a new offensive system, and I think you have a pretty good idea of why he didn't get 5,000 yards on the year like some people were hoping for. The way Grigson (and I) view the trade, is that we already drafted in the first round and got a damn good RB.

Having said all of that, I like Grigson. I think he has an eye for talent because of year one. But A LOT hinges on this off-season/next season. It could pretty much make or break his reputation. If he nails FA and the draft... and by nail, I mean does a solid job. I like him as our GM, as an added bonus if players next year actually start to preform, like Landry, Hughes, Thornton etc... My opinion of him will be that he is an AMAZING GM. The problem is, when you overhaul your entire roster like we did when Grigson came in.. you aren't supposed to follow that up with 11-5 seasons twice in a row. (I know we have Luck, but still...) We just completed year 2 of our overhaul and we are WAY ahead of schedule.
A L L of that to say... Let's calm down a little with the negativity around here. I'm all for critical thinking and keeping people accountable. But I think we as fans, our a little to quick to judge. Being a GM isn't easy, and even the best of them are bound to make a mistake. See potential where it isn't or visa versa.

If your'e reading this far down... you need to get a life ;) Hahaha just kidding! Look forward to engaging y'all in the comments section. Feel free to discuss what you would do in this off-season FA/Draft wise, and who you think we should ADD. We all know who needs to be cut (satelle, RJF, Toler) but other than Satelle, I'm not holding my breath.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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