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I really don't understand about cap space and dead money and the more esoteric aspects of salary structures in the NFL. I will be honest I just enjoy watching as a fan. I had some off time this a.m. and since I don't have a life I was reading articles and looking at names of players that might be Colts next year and I was thinking we have around $35,000,000 in money to spend next year we should be able to bring in several top players for that kind of money - well I was wrong. I looked at salaries for this past season and I looked at average salary for top 5 paid and then average for players paid 6 - 10. (I did all averages loosely in my head so they are not correct to the penny but should give fans an idea of money being spent.) I realize that salary may not have a direct correlation with on field performance but I also realize that at least in the minds of general managers and owners that there is at least some correlation.

With that explanation I gather that most/many Colt fans (me included) feel that we really have to upgrade our center - well the average salary for the top 5 paid centers in the league last year was $7,000,000 - and (6-10) was $4,500,000 - Satele was the 12th best paid at $3,600,000. So if we are going to pursue a top rated center we are going to have to double what we are paying.

Some fans felt it was important to bring in a top guard to help the line play - well top paid guards (1-5) average $8,000,000 a year and (6-10) make around $6,400,000 - Donald Thomas last years FA guard came in at under $3,000,000 - not in the top 25 salaries by position.

Now if we switch over to defense let us look at the defensive ends positions - a top 5 DE is paid around $13,000,000 and (6-10) makes around $11,000,000. Our two highest paid defensive lineman make on average $4,500,000

I think I am leaning toward a stud ILB to help with the run defense - (1-5) average $9,000,000 and (6-10) average $7,500,000. I think Pat Angerer is our top paid ILB and he comes in under $2,000,000.

It would be nice to bring in some help at OLB (1-5) make about $11,000,000 and (6-10) make about $8,200,000 and so Robert Mathis is in this group but Walden comes in at $3,000,000 way less then half of what a top 10 olb will be getting paid.

Now we are to a position of glamour - the cornerbacks - a top 5 corner back gets paid on average $11,000,000 a year and the (6-10) highest paid make around 8.m - Is Vontae Davis a top 10 corner in this league? I don't know if he is or not but last year he made less than 2m. I am going to assume the Colts to keep him are going to have to get near the 8m dollar mark - he should be considered one of the top 10 corner backs in the league? And then if we want to bring in another top corner to take Toler's place - like Alterraun Verner we will be looking at closer to the $11m dollar tag.

Should the Colts drop Bethea at round $6,000,00 and replace him with one of the top safeties in the league - well (1-5) will be around $8.5m and (6-10) will come in at around 7m - Landry came in last year as a bargain - if he had performed as well as expected.

I am not sure what this article says expect maybe I am a fool to waste time on such silliness but anyway after looking at last year average salaries I think maybe the Colts did not overpay so much last year as tried to bring players at a bargain - we may have overpaid for what we got - but we did not pay anyone to be a top player at their position. The NFL is a business and the players are the commodity and they realize they have a fairly short shelf life and so they are looking to make what they can - because once they lose a step or a nagging injury just doesn't go away - their careers are over.

Dollars came from Spotrac and again I was more interested in ball-park figures then doing the math.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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