Realistic Colts offseason

I know there will be many disagreements for this but we know as Colt Fans we ususally aren't huge in free agency so I didn't add huge names like how everyone believes we can get Mack but the browns have 40+M in Cap and only 6 free agents so Here is a reason for each player.

A.Vinatieri: Consistent and still has a factor he's had for many years

P.Mcafee: Top 5 punter very needed for our team

V.Davis: We wont get much better and he's our second best defensive payer

S.Brown: Special Teams

J.Gordy: Good Depth

J.Reitz: Good Depth

Free Agent departures: Not worth it

G.Toler: Injuries

RJF: Overpaid

S.Satele: Dont get me started

K.Sheppard: Bad

C.Lynch: Not worth it

T.Choice: Overrated

M.Harvey: Bad

S.Havili: Bad, Injury Prone

C.Rainey Injury


G.Schwartz: Very needed For passing and Blocking

C.Clemons: Needed Leadership and pass coverage to allow L.Landry to improve

W.Woodyard: Leadership and Consistency

A.Jones: Pagano's old team and very needed for our scheme

D.Mcculster: Very useful in many phases

D.Te'o-Nesheim: Great Depth and helpful if injuries occur

F.Velasco: Underrated and cheap and very good


K.Fuller: Great second corner

D.Jones: Good Skill and help with run support

D.Kennard: Good Depth

L.Washington: Underrated and helpful on deep balls

M.Bullough: Good Depth

C.Shaw: Backup QB

Free Agent Departures

Free Agent Returns

Cam Johnson

Scott Lutrus

Antoine Bethea

Justin Hickman

Ricardo Mathews

Jeff Linkenbach

Cassius Vaughn

Donald Brown

Darrius Heyward Bey

Fili Moala

Mike McGlynn

Kavell Conner

Ahmad Brandshaw

Adam Vinatieri 2Y/6m

Pat Mcafee 4Y/12M

Vontae Davis 5Y/31M

Sergio Brown 2Y/3.5M

Josh Gordy 1Y/645K

Joe Reitz 2Y/2M


Cap Space after cuts and resigns


Greg Toler

Samson Satele

Matt Hasselbeck (Retirement)

Kelvin Sheppard

Corey Lynch

Tashard Choice

Mario Harvey

Stanley Havili

Chris Rainey

About 36M

Free Agent Signings


G.Schwartz 4y/12m

C.Clemens 4Y/16M

W.Woodyard 3y/9m

A.Jones 3y/10M

Daniel Te'o-Nesheim 2Y/4m

D. Mccluster 2Y/5m

M.Hoomanawanui 2Y/2m

F.Velasco 3Y/9m

2: Kyle Fuller CB

3: DaQuan Jones DT

5: Devon Kennard OLB

6: L’Damian Washington WR

7: Max Bullough ILB

7(2): Connor Shaw QB

Offensive Depth Chart

Defensive Depth Chart

Qb: A.Luck, C.Shaw

Rb: T.Richardson,V. Ballard, D.Mccluster

FB: M.Hoomanawanui

WR1: R.Wayne, D.Rogers, L.Brazill,T.Hilton, D.Mccluster, L’Damian Washington

TE: D.Allen, C.Fleener, M.Hoomanawanui

LT: A.Costanzo,

LG: D.Thomas, L.Louis

C: F.Velasco, K.Holmes

RG: G.Schwartz,H.Thornton, J.Reitz

RT: G.Cherilus, X.Nixon

Special Teams:

K: A.Vinatieri

P: P.Mcafee

LS: M.Overton

PR: D.Mccluster

KR: D.Mccluster

Special teamer: S.Brown

DE: C.Redding, D.Te'o-Nesheim, A.Jones,

DT: D.Jones, M.Hughes, J.Chapman,

LOLB: R.Mathis, E.Walden, D.Odongo

MLB1: J.Freeman, A.Morgan

MLB2: W.Woodyard, M.Bullough

ROLB: B.Werner, D.Kennard

CB1: V.Davis, D.Butler, S.Price

CB2 K.Fuller, J.Gordy, D.Gorrer

FS: C.Clemens, D.Howell

SS: L.Landry, S.Brown

Bold means very important to team

Italic Means Depth

Underline is new additions to roster

Some in more than once

Practice Squad (not against Cap):

C.Harnish QB, D.Herron RB, Jack Doyle TE, ,Marcus Burley CB,Griff Whalen WR, J.Pendleton DT , Andy Studebaker DE, Thomas Austin OG

We’d end with around 7-12M in cap for injuries and future years.

This is more possible then us getting like many say Verner, Mack and Byrd so I wanna keep it how Colts always do and I reinforce the line and All defense in many phases.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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