Reasons why we wont get a new guard or center or maybe only one

Well I wish we could but it doesn't look like it.

First: He said the 2013 draft class is a work in progress. That saying he probably believes they'll develop to what we drafted them for. Khaled Holmes now seems like a rotational player but I hope he could one day start. Thornton he probably will keep longer there because he was an earlier pick. Signing a center or guard just ruins the whole third and fourth round picks we had this year and last year.

Second: He has a thing for not admitting mistakes. First why hasn't Satele been cut. Probably because he doesn't want to admit it was bad same as Toler and the rest of our over payed players last year. Also Pagano is too hype about his players. He says like a random player of ours is like a jackknife for example. Every time he does this to and unproven player (Trent Richardson, John Boyett and others) Nothing goes as plans. They either leave the team or just stick around take up a roster spot and cap space. Not in every case but many.

Third: He's so worried about future contracts we wont have a problem. Look on overthecap look at cap casualties that year and whose actually good. Well save a ton. Then with potential cap raise to 150m from current 133, that's Luck's contract right there. Hilton will be probably 7m a year, Fleener 5m, Allen 6m thats the base of our offense were fine.

But these cuts of Toler and Satele shouldn't help they should be Mandatory. First for all popularity reasons, and they only hold us back. We can get way more for what there getting payed.

Then we have 51m Cap space. Then we waste it again. We're going to resign our own issues. Only ones I want back are Mcafee 4/10m, Davis 5/35m, Vinatieri 1/2.5m, J.Gordy 3y/3m and Cam Johnson on an erfa tender. That leaves us with around 37.5m We can change an make an impact with that. What we do is sign proven players and not break or makes like Decker or Raji.

Also we only need to leave over like 6m for drafting and Colts mock drafts are impossible to make right now because it only matters what we do in free agency to who we draft just like every other team.

Grigson, your still on my good side. But one more bad FA and draft we can't even know what to think of you. This is when you prove your skills as a GM. I know you'd do better then I would so i'm not saying who we should sign but i'm saying be cautious and don't over hype players like the "whopper" last year. Do what is good if it means signings a great players for a little more money a year do it just know that will do what's best for us. Grigson all Colts fans believe you can bring us the Lombardi next year. Now can we please make it happen. GO Colts!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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