Thanks, But No Thanks, Hakeem

While it's always flattering when wide receivers publicly announce they would like to play with your QB, and proclaim dominance if the match-up should happen, this is one Colts fan that isn't interested.

Not only should the Colts avoid the temptation of Hakeem Nicks, they should avoid any and all expensive wide receivers. In case Hakeem missed the Colts games in the last two seasons, it seems like Andrew Luck & Co. are doing just fine with Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton reeling in passes.

The problem on offense isn't the lack of playmakers, it's the lack of protection for the playmakers. Any money dished out for the offensive unit should be spent on the offensive line. Wayne, along with his cast of understudy's have proved themselves to be a solid receiver core that doesn't need big money help on the outside. The WR chase should be done through the draft so the real needs can be addressed.

Shoring up the offensive line will have a ripple effect throughout the offense.

Imagine a Colts game where Andrew Luck doesn't look like he's training for a track meet at the Summer Olympics every time he snaps the ball. Imagine a game where the offensive line can keep defenders at bay to create by-design holes for the running backs to hit. Imagine what a 4,000 yard QB could do when he's not under constant attack from a salivating defense pushing though a paper thin line.

The Colts are in a cap position now that they probably won't ever be in again until Andrew Luck is done under center. That freedom has to be utilized correctly or it's just a waste of time. If there are no changes to the offensive line during this off-season then there should be a fiery rally outside Lucas Oil Stadium, complete with pitchforks and torches demanding that Grigson be released to the angry mob for justice.

I just don't see how giving a wide receiver, who hasn't caught a touchdown pass since December 9th 2012, big money fixes any of the Colts problems. In 28 games over the past two seasons, Nicks has brought in 3 TD's, T.Y. Hilton has 12 TD's over the past two seasons. Thanks, but no thanks, Hakeem. I want, in order, protection for my superstar quarterback and a boost on defense.

The turnaround from pretender to contender is in full swing and the Colts are gaining steam on being AFC favorites each year once again, this year's off-season is a major step to garnering that tagline that has eluded them since the Suck For Luck campaign.

Thanks for reading! I'm a big poll fan, so here's another.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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