Best Case Scenarios from Here on Out

The best case scenario that the Colts could be involved in from here on out would involve signing 2 or 3 more free agents and utilizing the draft effectively. The 2 or 3 free agents include more possibilities than positions. In looking at it from a long term perspective, which is where the Colts should be, with an eye on the present it would make sense to sign the following players:

1. Hakeem Nicks WR -

This signing makes sense considering we don't know how Reggie will respond after his injury next year. It would be great to bring in a player like Nicks who has proven to be a top tier WR in this league and it would make the Colts offense even more formidable with a multitude of weapons. This woudl also be a great singing because with a one year "prove it contract" the Colts could draft a WR, like Jordan Matthews if he is still around and let him learn. If Nicks is successful then we have the option to let him walk and know that we have a player that could step up or we could sign him back. I look at this a lot like the DHB signing from last year. Relatively cheap and a big win-win.

2. Alex Mack C -

I know this is the player that has Colts fans salivating and longing back to the days of Jeff Saturday. This signing would be perfect and would set up the future of the O-line for years to come. That is why Grigson should not balk at the price, even though it may be high. This is arguably the most important position next to Tackle and QB, because with the emergence of 3 and 5 technique rushers a Center is key for making sure our biggest asset, Mr. Luck, is as safe as possible makes getting this deal done a must.

3. Walter Thurmond DB -

This is very overlooked and a lot of people would argue with this, but I truly believe that this DB is one of the most versatile and underrated int he game. It would be a great thing for our secondary if the Colts could bring a delegate from the Legion of Boom to Indy. A backfield of Davis and Thurmond would be a heck of an upgrade from our current status and would allow oft-injured Greg Toler to join Darius Butler as our Nickel DBs and keep him off the field for extended periods of time thus saving him from further injury and making our secondary stronger from top to bottom.

The safety position should be addressed through the draft. I was all for drafting the LB Chris Borland out of Wisconsin if he fell to us at 59 and that still may be the best option considered the age of our newest LB Jackson and the upside that Borland would bring, but more realistically that pick will be used on either a S or a WR. If S is addressed we should look to a true FS like Jimmie Ward from NIU, who is a great ball hawking center field type S. The Colts could go another way with this and draft Stanley Jean-Baptiste out of Nebraska and turn him into a top notch safety, just as was done with Jamar Fletcher or Malcolm Jenkins. He does not have the range or the hips to play CB on the outside, but he has more than enough to play FS effectively in the NFL and is a prototypical size for a FS that can deliver a hit as well as track down a pass. This would probably be the best play as opposed to drafting a S prospect in that the S position is shallow this year in an otherwise deep draft.

The other way to go depends on who falls in the draft. If Jordan Matthews or Davonte Adams falls it would be smart to snag them at 59 and draft for need later on. This way you get your big receiver on the outside, especially if Nicks is NOT signed. I would not reach for receiver here though if these 2 don't fall. A good receiver will be available in the third for us to pounce on, guys like Cody Latimer from Indiana and Cody Hoffman form BYU who have the size will be there and have a huge upside, as well as a guy like Donte Moncrief out of Ole Miss, who while small has the speed that would make pairing him with TY Hilton a nightmare for opposing secondaries.

Overall the Colts have a lot of ways to go but they need to sign Mack for sure in order to keep Luck upright for the foreseeable future and they can't be afraid to spend the cash to protect him. As for the other moves, you now know my opinion and I hope you and especially GRIGSON, agree with it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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