Looking at what we did during FA so far I will throw a shot in the dark of what we should do to handle the draft. I think we all want Jimmie Ward for our FS spot but we aren't the only team looking at him.

So we are so close to winning the superbowl then we have our OH SHIT moment because the guy we really want isn't there. The War room is looking like a third world country........ Lost and in a disarray but never fear Mr. Too Proud 2 cents is here.

2nd Round OT Morgan Moses (6-6/314)

POSITIVES: Ideal length and proportion throughout for an NFL offensive tackle. Does a good job of exhibiting patience off the snap as he routinely establishes width and good bend in his base to either absorb or mirror his opponent in pass protection. Makes good use of his long arms by extending and punching to keep defenders off his frame. Displays a fluid, consistent kick-slide when asked to track and dictate a speed rusher around the edge.

Exhibits a strong first step and impressive burst for his size, when asked to fire through to the second level as a run blocker. Powerful hands to latch and steer against opponents of all sizes. Does a good job sustaining effort and contact to the whistle, and makes a concerted attempt to drive his opponent off the block rather than simply occupying him. Impressive lower-half flexibility and anchoring strength when absorbing a bull-rush.

NEGATIVES: Lacks the ability to stop and start with suddenness or redirect in a short area. Struggles to get low and snap into smaller opponents at the second level, and will over-pursue as a run-blocker. Isn't always decisive in space and lacks commitment at times as a lead blocker on outside runs.

Collapses at the elbow or will simply drop his head and ram his target when on the run, leaving him susceptible to whiffing or losing his balance and toppling forward. Has struggled with weight fluctuations throughout his career.

COMPARES TO: Ryan Clady, OT, Denver Broncos - Like Clady, Morgan enters the draft with plus movement skills for his size, but comes with many of the same questions that Clady did in terms of his ability to gnerate power enough to move defenders consistently as a run-blocker. If he can improve in this area, Moses has the upside to be a top-notch blind-side protector at the next level, as Clady has become.

Player Overview

Moses is the definition of a "dancing bear" with his mammoth size and nimble feet. He likes to use his limbs to get his hands on defenders and take them wherever he wants, but needs to continue and refine his technique. If he continues to develop while staying in shape, Moses will be an attractive blocker for the next level.

per CBS

Why he fits with the Colts plan
Griggs already mention that he doesn't want lineman to play year one and that's a good thing for this guy. He will give us the flexibility to cut Cherilus next year when his contract jumps up and we have to resign AC.

3rd round DT Kelcy Quarles (6-4/297)

STRENGTHS: Boasting long-arms, a thick frame and a sudden first step, Quarles certainly looks the part of an early round NFL draft pick. Often the first of South Carolina's talented defensive line off the ball, Quarles consistently splits gaps, showing both the burst to surprise would-be blockers and the power to crash through late attempts by his opponents to latch on to him.

When his quickness is contained, Quarles shows impressive core strength to bull rush opponents deep into the backfield, as well as an effective over-arm swim move to gain freedom. An active defender, Quarles hustles laterally and downfield in pursuit and is willing to leave his feet to make the diving, heavy hit on ballcarriers.

Quarles plays low, showing good power and technique to absorb double-teams, making him a potential fit as a nose guard as well as a traditional three-technique defensive tackle. May just be scratching the surface of his potential.

WEAKNESSES: Capable of threatening on his own, but many of Quarles' biggest plays in 2013 came while opponents dedicated extra blockers to stopping teammate Jadeveon Clowney. Still developing his awareness - opponents can use his aggression against him to run draws around him or throw screens over the top.

Doesn't get his hands in the passing lanes often enough, considering how frequently he's near the quarterback. Used as part of a rotation and may tire easily as he carries extra weight around the middle.

COMPARES TO: Lamarr Houston: Quick, strong and tenacious, Quarles projects equally well inside as a 4-3 defensive tackle or outside as a five-technique defensive end.

per CBS

Why he fits with the Colts plan

He will step into Redding spot should play some snaps this year.

5th Round FS Brock Vereen (6/199)


Very good athlete with fluid movement skills and good range. Competes hard. Runs the alley and can negotiate traffic. Good zone awareness and route recognition. Understands angles and leverage. Can carry receivers in man coverage with little wasted movement in transition on speed turns. Good leaping ability. Very smart, motivated, team player with a passion for the game. Can line up the defense. Outstanding work ethic. Contributes as a gunner on special teams. Has NFL pedigree.


Has tiny hands, short arms and lacks overall bulk. Does not have ideal length to match up with NFL tight ends in coverage. Not an explosive hitter or forceful tackler. Hands are suspect -- smothers the ball and has just four career interceptions. Long-term durability could be a concern.

Bottom Line

A very smart, pedigreed, rangy free safety with the athletic ability and cover skill desired on the back end. Lack of size and tackling strength could leave much to be desired when defending the run. Top-notch intangibles -- toughness, instincts, competitiveness and leadership ability -- should allow him to quickly emerge as a defensive leader and enhance his draft status.


Why he fits in with the Colts plan
He will come in as the starting FS, yes I said it. He has been an iron man not missing a game in three years and has played all positions in the back field. Great speed to sit back read and react as he play center field.

6th round CB Walt Aikens (6-1/205)

STRENGTHS: Boasts a tapered, athletic build with long arms (32 1/4") and good overall muscle definition. Light feet and loose hips give him the fluidity to handle coverage responsibilities. Asked to play press-man and off-man often for the Flames, showing the athleticism and confidence to handle either role.

Gets an initial jam on the receiver when in press, turning and running with receivers fluidly. Good patience when off or zone but keeps his eyes peeled on the quarterbacks and has a quick burst to close on the ball. Good (perhaps not great) straight-line speed down the sideline, but accelerates smoothly and has a second gear, when necessary.

Highly competitive in run support. Aggressively fights through blocks, extending his arms to initial contact with receivers and is willing to sacrifice his body to knock ball-carriers to the ground. Sound drag-down tackler who rips at the ball. Good vision to set up blocks with the ball in his hands.

Impressed at the Senior Bowl with his confidence, quickly proving that he belonged on the same field.

WEAKNESSES: May not possess elite top-end speed. Gets a little grabby down the sideline, as he's highly aggressive and will extend his arm. Tracks the ball well but shows only average ball-skills overall.

Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft charges in July 2010 and served two weeks in Champaign County jail for possessing a computer taken from a dorm room.

COMPARES TO: Keenan Lewis, New Orleans Saints - Aikens will have to work hard to develop into the consistent starter that Lewis has proven himself to be in successful stops with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Saints, but the aggression and athleticism are there to project him as a legitimate rotational player early in his career with the possibility of developing into a starter as he adjusts to the speed of the NFL.

per CBS

How he fits with the Colts plan

He can sit behind Toler for a year or two until he is ready to be our number 2. With Toler injury history I definitely can see him getting alot of playing time.

7th round TE Richard Rogers (6-4/257)

STRENGTHS: Lanky athlete who has proven the ability to manipulate his weight to fit his team's offensive scheme. Very good initial quickness for the position, demonstrating the ability to beat defenders upfield with his burst or to gain the advantage while blocking, including on cut-blocks.

Long arms and soft hands. Gathers in passes quickly and secures the football. Good agility and straight-line speed for the position. Good bloodlines. Father is Richard Rodgers, Sr., who is credited for making the call and one of five laterals on "The Play," the famous Cal kick return in 1982 to beat Stanford (and its band). Father now serves as the special teams coordinator for the Carolina Panthers.

WEAKNESSES: Lacks the bulk and strength to hold up as an in-line blocker in the NFL. A bit finesse in his play, relying more on his athleticism than physicality. Gets to the second level quickly but rather than latching on to control opponents, Richard extends his arms and stops his feet, allowing defenders to break free easily from his blocks.

Possesses the ability to make the incredible catch but will drop the occasional easy pass and struggles in traffic. Only asked to run relatively simple quick out and drag routes in Dykes' offense. Only started 11 of 37 games over his collegiate career.

COMPARES TO: Garrett Graham, Houston Texans - Like Graham, Rodgers' value to NFL lies in his sneaky athleticism and soft hands in a Joker or H-back role.

per CBS

How he fits into the Colts plan

We have had the twin towers for 2 years and they have yet to play a whole season together. This is a insurance plan to have another TE that has good catching ability for Pep. Could be a great Red zone target if we go 3 TEs. He provides another match up problem for the other team.

7th round Andre Hal (5-10/188)


Light on his feet. Good balance and flexibility. Good man-coverage skills. Mirrors off the line. Enough speed to run with receivers. Good zone awareness, read-and-react and plant-and-drive. Confident and competitive. Has kickoff-return experience. Team captain with sterling intangibles.


Lacks ideal length -- has short arms and small hands. Disadvantaged vs. bigger, physical receivers. Limited functional strength to pry himself off blocks. Could stand to refine his technique. Tends to clutch and grab when he's beat, which happens too frequently. Gets out of phase and does not demonstrate a feel for routes.

Bottom Line

Adequate-sized, pesky corner lacking desirable length and physicality to survive outside. Has competitive makeup for the position to vie for a No. 4 or No. 5 corner spot.


How he fits into the Colts plan
He could be a great nickle or dime corner back. Could provide us with a return man if Brazil gets traded.

Minor things

I think Holmes maybe ready for Center especially if the rest of the line stay healthy. Alot of fuss was made about Brian de la Puente but he had two great guards beside him. I'm thinking we can put great to good around Holmes and be ok. We have T-Rich and he actually a pretty good blocker . We get Allen back and even if he just chips a pass rusher before he peels out that extra second or two he provides could be a lifetime for Luck.

I agree with Olde about the 3 TE set. This will be deadly. The play action will be awesome and in the playoffs having the option of slowing down the game to keep the ball away from 18 might be pivotal to a W for us.

I hope we sign Pat Sims may not be a need but he help Lamar Houston by eating up that space.

If we do trade a pick I would like it to be 2015 3rd pick for Dion Jordan.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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