who we should sign in FA and a few questions

We all want our colts to sign all these big name free agents since we have a boatload of cap space but knowing Grigson we all know that will not happen. We can always dream though! There are a few free agents that I know we need to sign but won't because our front office feels that we have the proper players. I am not against Grigson nor do I dislike him but I don't believe in overpaying for players who will underwhelm. There are some players in free agency that I feel we absolutely need to get but before we get them we need to release some of our overpaid players starting with none other then our center Satele and our often injured corner Toler. I don't think we should resign anyone but Davis because we spent a second round pick and he is by far our best corner despite his inconsistency.

Now here are a few free agents which we should absolutely sign:

Vontae Davis: we absolutely need to resign him but not anything over 8 mill per year. He has shown that he can be a lock down cornerback but has also shown he is wildly inconsistent. Despite his inconsistencies he is young and very talented and will make us a better team.

Nate Allen: we made the mistake of having to safeties that were more suited to be in the box than coverage safeties. We have laron Landry who has potential to be a good safety but we need help in coverage and Allen is known as a free ranging safety with good coverage skills and is young and has a great size at 6'1.

Lamar Houston: This guy is very underrated at his position and would instantly improve our defense. He would be perfect on our D line as defensive end. He is a great runstopper which is what Pagano loves on defense and is a great passrusher. Also adding him will also upgrade our linebackers because he will command double teams which allows Mathis and our other linebackers to get in there and create havoc.

Brandon Spikes: This guy is known for being a runstuffing middle linebacker. He would be perfect alongside Freeman because it would allow Freeman to focus more on covering and would really solidify our defense. He is pretty young and it doesn't seem like the patriots are trying to retain him. Plus he could be pretty cheap because of his lingering knee injury last year.

Sam Montgomery- young and talented and would benefit from sitting behind Mathis. Could become a low risk, High reward type of player that Grissom likes to gamble on.

Now here a few questions which I'm not sure about and I would like to hear your opinions on the following topics/questions;

1. If Brandon Browner is reinstated into the NFL Do you guys think we should go after him? I personally would sign him to a one year prove it deal and he could come very cheap because of his past incidents. He could be a low risk, high reward player.

2. If Justin Blackmon is reinstated into the NFL with the jaguars I read on that they weren't sure if they would keep him. Would it be wise to go after him? He is talented and very young and with the right coaches I think he can become a hell of a receiver.

Thank you guys for reading and feel free to comment!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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