Mock Draft Sunday!

Okay, so it happens to be a slow Sunday afternoon so I thought why not give my opinion on what I think the Colts might do in the draft this year. Mocks are fun and this is not to serious so I did not factor in any other picks and just went every 32 picks.

So with pick number 58: The Colts select Jeremiah Attachou OLB Georgia Tech

Jeremiah Attachou played linebacker at Georgia tech before switching to pass rushing Defensive End this fall. At the Senior Bowl he was asked to move around to all sorts of line backing positions by the Jaguars Staff . According to the NFL website the Colts met with Attachou briefly and have been meeting with several linebackers, so it would seem that the Colts are looking for an OLB to stick behind Mathis this year. I think this is the guy, he's fast and can rush the passer well and would benefit from not having to start right away. We could also go Scott Crichton, or CB with this pick.

With pick #90: Colts select Dontre Moncerief WR Ole Miss

Okay so this is a pick simply because I want him. He has speed, size, and good hands, his route running needs some work but hey he won't have to start right away and can learn. Basically he has all the potential in the world and I want him in a colts uniform next year. That being said it wouldn't surprise me if the colts went CB hear especially if someone like Keith McGill is available. Or they could go Jaylen Watkins from Florida State, or Bashaud Breeland CB Clemson. Or if they do see a good DT like Da'Quan Jones from Penn State they could go that direction.

There is no 4th

With pick #154: Colts go Terrence Mitchell CB Oregon

I think the Colts will draft a corner and hear in the fifth round it gets hard to find someone to draft, if the Colts don't go receiver in round 3 then maybe they go receiver here, someone like Cody Latimore from Indiana. They also could go DE in Ed Stinson from Alabama, he is someone I have seen mocked to the Colts. Mitchell has size and compares to Greg Toler positively (not many injury concerns, but he gambles). The Colts could also go OL here or safety

With pick #186: Colts go Tre Boston: FS North Carolina

Tre Boston is supposed to be around at this time because as a prospect overall he is raw, but that's what Pags is for. Anyhow I would not at all be surprised if the Colts end up rolling with Delonoe Howell as the starter Day 1 and then allowing a rookie to work his way into the line up towards the end of the season. We could also go OL here but I think this is the best overall pick here if he is available.

And with pick #218 the Colts go Taylor Hart DE Oregon

The Colts were seen working out Hart at Oregon's pro day and honestly this is a depth move with potential starting done the line as he has some potential down the line, he just needs to get stronger. At this point he should be available as well and it adds youth to the line.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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