How much will a new center cost?

During Free Agency, a lot of people love to throw around the word "overpaid". That word came up a lot today with the signing of D'Qwell Jackson. I decided to see if it was true so I looked at the salary for all ILBs that:

1. Are starting or projected to start

2. Are not on a rookie/first contract

3. Are currently under contract for the 2014 season.

What I found was that on average these players are paid over 6 million per year. D'Qwell Jackson's contract actually puts him in the bottom third for average salary for a veteran starting ILB.

With the release of Samson Satele, I think it is likely the Colts will target a new center in Free Agency. In order to give everyone an idea of what it would mean to actually overpay for a center I looked at their salaries in the same way I did for ILBs. Here is what it looked like:

1. Alex Mack (CLE) - 10 million

2. Ryan Kalil (CAR)- 8.2 million

3. Nick Mangold (NYJ) - 7.7 million

4. Max Unger (SEA) 6.45 million

5. Eric Wood (BUF) 6.35 million

6-t. Chris Myers (HOU) - 6.25 million

6-t. Jason Kelce (PHI) - 6.25 million

8. Scott Wells (STL) - 6 million

9. David Baas (NYG) - 5.5 million

10. Nick Hardwick (SD) 4.4 million

11. John Sullivan (MINN) 4.25 milion

12. Jeremy Zuttah (TB) 4.13 million

13. Kyle Cook (CIN) 3.5 million

14. Lyle Sendlein (ARZ) 3.25 million

15. Will Montgomery (WAS) 3 million

16. Dominic Raiola (DET) 1.75 million

17. Roberto Garza (CHI) 1.5 million

18. Manny Ramirez DEN (DEN) 1.05 million

Average 4.97 million per year

Dominic Raiola and Manny Ramirez are both 13 year veterans on 1 year deals. It is reasonable to think if the Colts want to target a veteran like Jonathan Goodwin, as Brad suggested, to bridge the gap until either Holmes is ready or a long term option is found, it could be done for 1-2 million this year.

If you remove the veterans on small 1 year deals, the average value for a FA center on a multi-year contract comes to 5.39 million per year. It is likely that above average options like Evan Dietrich-Smith and Brian De La Puente will go closer to 6-6.5 million per year.

While it seems like a lot, this is the market value for players. It is unreasonable to expect for any decent, established players to come to INDY for 2-3 million per year.

All the numbers above come from Spotrac.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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