Making the case for drafting a WR on day two.

This is a case that I have been making for a number of months now. I have commented most of this information a few times in other threads, but I figure one big post will be better. In my opinion, the 2014 class is so good, that it would be a mistake NOT to draft a WR in rounds two or three. Many do not agree, but here is my reasoning:

1. This WR class is incredibly good, and the best value on the board at 59 will very likely be a WR. By my rankings, the 6th best WR in the class this year (Jordan Matthews) would have been my 2nd best WR in last year’s class (better than Hopkins whom many wanted in R1). That is how good this WR class is. Most of us believe that teams (especially ones with lots of holes) are far better off drafting by BPA, not just fill biggest need regardless of strength/depth of position.

2. WR is a big need, because after 2014, only Hilton and Brazill are under contract. Nicks is on a one year deal and is likely gone after 2014. Wayne is a FA and will be 37 in 2015. Rogers is a relative unknown (15 career catches in 6 games). Brazill has shown flashes, as well as a lot of anonymous games. Whalen is a WR that is already pretty much at his ceiling. There is NOT a future #1 WR on the roster IMO. If any number of issues with the 2014 WR corps arise (Wayne struggles back from ACL, Nicks stays in 2012/2013 form, Hilton gets injured, Rogers doesn’t develop), then WR will be a big issue again in 2014 (like it was in most of 2013), and will be a MASSIVE problem going into 2015. This would lock us into drafting a WR in the 1st next year and expecting him to instantly start. This will especially be an issue when next year’s class will not be as good as this year’s (doesn’t look close) and the WR we will be drafting in 2015 R1 will not be as good as the WRs that will be available in 2014 R2. Then, we’re possibly passing up on drafting in a really good/deep position that is a need (like CB or OT).

3. The Safety class this year is really good in the top 3, which the Colts almost surely will not have a chance to draft. The next tier down has some good players, but ones that I would argue would be a reach at 59. Guys like Terrence Brooks, Deone Bucannon, and Lamarcus Joyner are not worth 59 IMO, and will probably not be there at 59 anyway. Are we going to reach on a S like Ahmad Dixon or Dion bailey in R2 now, just because it’s a big need? Much rather draft a guy like Marqueston Guff, Terrence Mitchell, Antone Exum, or Avery Patterson later in the draft. In particular, I like Mitchell in a switch to FS.

4. If the argument against drafting a WR is, in part, that they won’t start in 2014, then how can anyone honestly argue for drafting a Guard or a Center? No Guard or Center in this draft will be starting in 2014. Grigson is on record as preferring not to play rookies on the O-Line, because it takes longer to get acclimated. Thomas is coming back from injury and will be a penciled-in starter if he is healthy, and Thornton has a year of experience ahead of the rookies and is expected to grow. Khaled Holmes has the inside track to start at C and was able to basically "red-shirt" his rookie season. Any rookie OL drafted will not be starting, unless something bad happens.

5. Drafting a WR in rounds two or three would be doubly beneficial to the Colts' roster. It would allow the Colts to release Griff Whalen, who is essentially on the roster strictly because of the question marks with Rogers and Brazill. If either Brazill or Rogers show any consistency, Whalen will surely be released. This would also allow the Colts to trade Brazill to another team, hopefully in return for a day 3 pick this year (maybe a 6th). These moves would free up a roster spot AND make the Colts WR corps better from day one, and in particular in the future. This puts a #1 WR on the roster and allows Hilton to play the #2 role that he is MUCH better suited for.

Here are my top 15 WR prospects, the top 10 of which I currently rank in my top 50 big board. I have no doubt that a WR will be available at 59 or 90 that will be well worth drafting, and I believe that it will probably be the best player available at that time.

1.) Sammy Watkins

2.) Mike Evans

3.) Odell Beckham, Jr.

4.) Davante Adams

5.) Cody Latimer

6.) Jordan Matthews

7.) Brandin Cooks

8.) Marquise Lee

9.) Allen Robinson

10.) Jarvis Landry

11.) Donte Montcrief

12.) Bruce Ellington

13.) Devin Street

14.) Martavis Bryant

15.) Josh Huff

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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