I know everyone and their brother has done a mock draft this year, especially with the draft itself being pushed back. I thought I would try my hand at it. I like many others went to the fanspeak website and used their mock draft. If you haven't done this, you should because it is actually pretty fun and a great time waster (especially if you are at work... whatever gets you closer to 5:00 right?). Anyways, this is what I was able to put together, and I hope most of you agree and or would be happy with this draft.

#59: S Deone Bucannon - WASH ST

I really like Bucannon in Pagano's hybrid 3-4. I still think that a better coverage-oriented FS type would be better so Landry could play more in the box, but apparently the Colts believe in his coverage ability and are looking for a SS to pair him with and Bucannon fits the bill perfectly. Plus, he is most likely the best safety available at this point and he does have more potential in coverage than the experts want to give him.

#90: CB Jaylen Watkins - FLORIDA

Watkins is one of the best cover corners in this draft and has the speed and more so the size (6'2") to be the corner of the future to pair with Vontae Davis. This would be a great addition to the Colts secondary in that it would allow them to plan for the inevitable Toler injury and would give the Colts someone that could match up with another team's red zone threat. Plus, if worse comes to worst, the Colts could line him up at FS and have a true ball hawk in center field.

#166: ILB Preston Brown - Louisville

It's no secret that the Colts need to stop the run more effectively and they went out an tried to get a backer in the D'Qwell Jackson to do just that, but he is 31 and may not regain his once All-Pro form. If he does that is great, but Preston Brown would possibly give the Colts a seamless transition from one ILB to another. he can learn from Jackson and fill in if injuries happen. He is a big, strong run stopping back with a lot of power and more quickness than it seems. He would be great to pair with Jerrell Freeman and would be a steal at 166.

#203: WR Matt Hazel - Coastal Carolina

We all want to see the Colts take advantage of the depth in this receiving class, but with more holes than most, WR is not a priority until some other positions are shored up. Good for the Colts that there are a few good options in the later rounds, and Hazel is one of them. At 6'3 he is a lanky receiver that would be an immediate asset in the red zone, even though he would not likely play much as a rookie. Grigson has shown a penchant for trying to find studs in obscurity and while this is not the most obscure place, Coastal Carolina is not known as a hot bed of NFL talent. Hazel brings a high football IQ, solid hands, above average speed, and great size to form a great combination for a future #2 WR. He would pair well with T.Y Hilton and would allow the Colts to start looking forward to life after Reggie Wayne (a truly sad day).

#232: C James Stone - Tennesee

This off season has been strange to say the least when it comes to the Colts interior line situation. Grigson passed on a lot of long term options at Center and the one they did sign, who was a back up at best, ended up retiring. That leaves Khaled Holmes who is to say the least, unproven. James Stone is one of the most underrated interior lineman in this draft and would be a steal in the 7th round. He would be an insurance policy of sorts for the Colts in case Holmes is not what they think he could be when they drafted him and if Holmes works out then Stone is great depth and would be good to have in case injuries hit the interior line again. While there is an argument against taking a center because a rookie has the same amount of experience as Holmes and we would be in the same position (a valid argument), Stone is most likely one of the best players available at this and helps to fill a need for the Colts.

I hope you guys agree to some level with this mock, and if you don't let me know who you would have chosen instead and at what pick.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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