My Dream 2014 7 round mock draft.

First time poster here. I have followed this site for quite some time and love it dearly. I have decided it is time to make a login and participate. I am a die hard Colts fan but live in Louisville KY. I grew up on the University of Louisville athletics but the Colts are my true team above all. I mention Uofl because I am very high on thier draft prospects this year and would love to see at least one drafted by the Colts. I have watched every UofL football game that these players were featured in and can verify the talent. Calvin Pryor and Marcus Smith are the real deal and will make an impact in the league from day 1. Other former Cards like Preston Brown and Hakeem Smith could be great value in the later rounds and I even look at Wr Damien Copeland as a UDFA that could make a 53 man roster. I don't feel the need to talk about Bridgewater as he currently does not matter to the Colts nor will any other Qb in this year's draft. If we draft a Qb with only five picks in this draft I will be seriousley upset.

Anyways lets get down to business. This is my dream 2014 Draft scenario. It is unlikely every pick will go as I plan but keep in mind this is purely my opinion. I would love to hear your opinions in the comments section. My areas of need in order go interior Oline, Secondary, Pass Rush, Run Defense.

My reasoning for not including Running back or WR is simple, we do not need either of those positions in a draft with so few picks. Not saying I'd be mad with a Wr at round 2 but it would have to be Latimer, Benjimen, or Robinson to be a good pick to me. I'm on the fence on Jordan Matthews being in that category and could get on board with him in a blue uniform.

Running back on the other hand I feel like we should be ok with what we have. Yes there are injury concerns and then there is also Trich who is going into the biggest season of his life. If he doesn't play well this year he may be cut and or traded if his production doesn't improve. This also makes it unlikley he will ever see a big pay day so he has a lot to play for in 2014. I see Ballard coming back strong and Richardson being better than last season. Bradshaw I could see in and out of the lineup and on and off the field due to injury. When he does play though bradshaw always delivers quality work. Once again my logic is to few picks to go Rb and improving interior line would help the run game a lot.

Speaking of interior line lets get to it!

Round 2 pick #59 - G- Gabe Jackson

What is there not to like about this pick. Great talent that can step right into the rotation at guard and help us all sleep better at night knowing we can possibly run the ball and protect Andrew Luck. The only real argument to this pick is whether he will be here or not. I sure hope so and will add if he isn't then best available safety should be the pick IMO.

Round 3 pick #90 - Olb- Marcus Smith

If this happens at pick 90 we are in business. Once again what is not to like about this pick. Great pass rusher that had a great motor and could help right away. I see this guy as the replacement for Mathis in the future and great depth this season. Even if Werner improves to a serviceable starter this year having a player like Smith ready to come in fresh and get a sack on third down is a great commodity to have. Best part of this pick is that he is a 3-4 player not a 4-3 DE that will need a year or two to change.

Trade 2015 Round 3 for 2014 Round 4.

I already see the people coming to burn my house that are pro keeping all of next year's picks. To that I say I agree to an extent. I am all for trading up if it is for a guy that can be a major asset to this year's team. Since this is my perfect draft I chose to include this scenario.

To trade into the fourth I would have to see one of these players. I have put them in order and have seen some mocks that have these players falling this far and I say if so then we need to get into the fourth.

Olb/Ilb- Christian Jones. This pick would add all kind of versatility to our defense.

S- Dion Bailey. This would be a great pick and along with the first two picks would really excite me. Just watch his tape. He would be fun to watch.

DT- Justin Ellis. This guy is a physical specimen and would be awesome depth on the Dline. This is probably the most likely guy to fall to the fourth and I'm ok with this scenario.

Round 5 pick #166 CB- Walt Aikens.

This pick would be great value for the fifth round and could add some valuable depth at CB and potentially rid us of Toler and his cutable contract next year. The guy is big and fast and can do some pressing. Sounds good to me. I like his tape as well. Biggest drawback is level of competition but to that I say Antoine Bethea went to Howard and turned out fine.

Round 6 Pick #203 - S- Hakeem Smith

This kid can play as well and watching his tape from the Florida game last year will show you why. I'd be cool with Marqueston Huff here too but I like Smith. Even if we get saftey earlier I'm not ruling out still going safety in round six for more depth and something to push Landry into showing up or getting cut next year.

Round 7 pick # 232 - C- James Stone

This pick combined with the Round 2 pick of Gabe Jackson would be a good start to improving the outlook on the Colts O-line of the future. Also considering my opinions on Lance Louis being relavant this year as well as Khaled Holmes being serviceable in 2014. This could mean we have some good depth inside. I would dare to say we could maybe get Trich to a respectable YPC with improved line and Dwayne Allen back. Don't forget Allen can block and that's what makes him so great. I do ask you to view his tape though to bring your expectations down to earth. He looks good in run game more so than the pass and definitely will not start or see much time right away. Still a good value in Round 7 but make no mistake Holmes is our starter in 2014.

I feel this draft would turn some positions such as OLB into a great strength. Dline would also be considered a strength if we trade up for Ellis in the 4th round trade pick I mocked. This mock would also address current gaping holes such as Interior line, Saftey, and Corner Back. If we get Jackson and Stone as well as the rookies taking a step up in production from last year then we would be set on the Oline and draft RT next year to replace Cherilus. Getting Aikens would be a great solution to our CB deficiancy we currently have. Not much else to say about that pick. The big knock is that this mock doesn't get elite WR or Saftey help but I think the guys we all want at Wr will be gone. Safety on the other hand I'm ok with not getting Elite talent at as long as we improve Run D and Pass Rush with our picks and at least add some depth. That is why I mocked Hakeem Smith. I think he could play behind Howell and Landry and be good depth. What more can you ask from a 6th round pick. Please share your opinions on this and let me know if you agree with my selections. Posted from my phone so please be gentle on grading my writing skills. Thanks for reading!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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