For many months I've been on here talking about how Anthony Spencer was this years Michael Bennett and I stand by that. The guy is old and coming off a season-ending injury but Spencer is one the best 3-4 OLB in the league. I predicted he would continue to fly totally under the radar but even I am surprised how below the radar he has. Why are we not talking to him?

The guy is going to come super cheap (As I said) and apparently has gotten very little interest so why not talk to him? Even a one year deal is fine. Spencer would take Walden's job in a heart beat and Grigson is once again 'protecting his guys'. So odd for a guy that claims to love 'competition' but then again this is the same guy for 3 years who says he likes to build thru the draft and to spend cautiously so you know. Spencer is fantastic against the run and with Arthur Jones and hopefully the rise of Chapman this team's run defense becomes a solid unit with no holes in the front 5.

It is also forgotten but Spencer is deceptively good in pass coverage. Before Dallas allowed whack job Monte to change the defense to a 4-3 Dallas would sometimes put Spencer in a almost MLB zone coverage position. He does not have the look of a guy who you could put 10 yards back in zone coverage but he plays it well.

Of course Spencer's biggest upgrade is in the pass rush department. Even Grigson's most loyal supports will not try and tell me Erik Walden is not a down right awful pass rusher. Now we all still HOPE Werner can turn it around and fill the pass rush void that Walden leaves but let's call it how it is. Werner is a 4-3 guy who honestly should of never been drafted. We all know it whether we want to admit it. He was not a 'tweener' that could be converted to a 3-4 OLB spot. It was head scratching pick at the time and after we picked him a small part of me thought maybe they would bulk him up and have him play line (A thought that is even sillier but I was trying to convince myself I was missing something). Now it was only his first year so some slack is needed and it is not his fault he was drafted by a team that wanted him to play a position he really has no business playing but how strong is our confidence he will contribute next year??

He simply as not very good in his first year. We can debate why but fact remains he was not all that good. Watching him it seemed to me personally he just gave up after the first second after the snap. Maybe that is mental or physical but the 'why' are really a moot point for purposes of this post. Werner also simple just not very athletic. He appeared very stiff when asked to move around or to stretch the field . If he was playing a 4-3 end as he should that is not that big a deal but for OLB that is big issue. As the NFL is more and more passing and as teams play more and more option and stretch like offenses teams are going to find OLB are going to be much more athletic. Just another reason the Werner pick was confusing. Spencer has that athleticism that we simply don't have at OLB.

He also had trouble staying healthy. Whether people want to admit it or not a player that has health issues in his first year is a pretty big problem and more often than not that pattern continues. That is just how it is. If a player is already having injury issues that is a big red flag to having a lot of 'hope.'

All that said and done---we all still HOPE Werner develops like a 1st RD pick should. Still is adding a quality pass rusher for cheap not ALWAYS a fantastic idea? I mean Seattle has tons of pass rushers and they were still talking with Jared Allen. In today's NFL you really can't have enough pass rushers.

As a unit the Colts pass rush was awful. Werner, Walden, Johnson, RJF, Redding were in total one the worst rushing units in the NFL which makes what Mathis did last year all that more impressive but can we bank on that performance again? What if Mathis gets hurt? Even the most rose-colored glasses fan cannot with an honest face tell me that if Mathis were to get hurt they are confident Werner and Walden could get even 50% the rush Mathis gets.

Call Spencer. You know he would love to play for a stable team after being at Dallas and love to play 3-4. Call him Grigson. Stop being arrogant and help this team.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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