Indianapolis Colts 2014 NFL Mock Draft

One week from today; the 2014 NFL Draft will take place and thus end all discussions and speculation about who Colts GM Ryan Grigson will select. This will be the first NFL Draft where the Colts don’t have a 1st Round selection since 2008; when former Colts GM Bill Polian traded a 2008 1st Round (29th Overall) selection to the San Francisco 49ers for a 2nd Round pick that was used to select LT Tony Ugoh; a very ill-advised trade that might have hampered the Colts a bit. In 2013, Grigson traded a 2014 1st Round (26th Overall) to the Cleveland Browns for the acquisition of RB Trent Richardson; a move that has so far left an unimpressive result.

Below are all the guys I have "scouted" extensively and feel that they can make great contributions to the team in an effort for the Colts to garner a Super Bowl appearance and hopefully a victory will follow. Ladies and Gents; here’s my OFFICIAL Colts Mock draft for this 2014.

2nd Round (59th Overall)

Deone Bucannon, FS/SS
6‘ 2" 211
Washington State University

Longtime starting FS Antoine Bethea left the team via Free Agency and was quickly scooped up by the 49ers, leaving a gaping hole in the Free Safety spot.

While I would like NIU’s Jimmy Ward at this selection, odds are that he will be gone before pick #59. Bucannon has enough coverage skills to make plays on the ball while still in flight. His strong thick build can easily take down WRs and RBs that run towards him and can dish out punishment; has great lateral movement and speed for his size. His hip flexible may cause him to be vulnerable against good route running Slot WRs. I can say that I firmly trust him more in coverage than I would with Delano Howell and LaRon Landry.

3rd Round (90th Overall)

Phillip Gaines, CB
6‘ 0" 194
Rice University

This is a pick I think makes the most sense considering our #2 CB Greg Toler has had an injury plagued NFL career including an ACL tear suffered in 2011 and a groin injury that side-lined him alot for the majority of the 2013 season. Other than his injuries, I questioned his level of talent as a #2 CB. I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again: Toler is just a taller and more physical but slower and less athletic version of former Colts and current Cardinals CB Jerraud Powers (who between the two; have ironically switched teams and roles with one another).

Gaines is perhaps one of fastest (4.37 40 speed) and most athletic (6.62 3-cone/ 4.04 shuttle) CBs in this year’s draft. He has great hip flexibility, change of direction skills and can run hip-to-hip with the quickest WRs in the league. However, he is quite unreliable in run support and struggles heavily against physical WRs. His bump and run coverage makes him ideal in Pagano/Manusky’s man-to-man coverage defense with great ability to attack the ball.

5th Round (166th Overall)

Michael Campanaro, WR/PR
5‘ 9" 192
Wake Forest University

Some of you might question why a WR, but let’s look at our scenario for a moment. We have right now; a 35 going on 36 year old elite WR who just suffered an ACL tear who might or might not return back to form. I will say that Wayne will be back as if nothing happened due to his dedication, mentorship, and work ethic. Nicks is on a "prove it" deal similar to what WRs Donnie Avery and Darrius Heyward-Bey were on, I certainly hope he gives us better production than the aforementioned players. If he sucks, he’s gone; if he plays like his 2010-2011 self, he will warrant more money than what the Colts will want to pay him; resulting in him walking. Da’Rick Rogers has immense amounts of talent and potential; he has the size, speed, toughness, and physicality to become a #1 WR. But if he doesn’t tap into that hidden potential, our hopes for him become null and diminished. TY Hilton has improved alot and has become our secret weapon and capable of a #2 WR spot but can be shutdown if game-planned against. LaVon Brazill has showed decent flashes to make plays and displays great speed, agility, and athleticism but he’s widely inconsistent and I have no faith that he will get better; right now at the moment; he’s just a below average typical WR. Griff Whalen is a hard working and smart WR but is very limited physically and a major liability against man-to-man coverage defenses. Then there’s Josh Lenz (who?)

Campanaro is one of Wake Forest’s most accomplished WRs in school history; his athletic ability (4.01 shuttle/ 6.77 3-cone drill) should translate well into the NFL. He has great hands and route running ability with the speed and quickness to give the majority of the CBs a run for their money. Renowned as the best pure slot WR in this draft, he’s considered a "Wes Welker 2.0" or "Austin Collie with great speed" type of guy. Despite his numerous intangibles, he struggles against physical WRs; has a catch radius that leaves alot to be desired (which is a bit understandable for his size) and lacks burst off the line. His return abilities might help him get great amounts of snaps on the offense. Campanaro has the talent to replace both Brazill and Whalen, which could save money and a roster spot.

6th Round (203rd Overall)

De’Anthony Thomas, RB/KR/PR
5‘ 9" 177
University of Oregon

Our RB situation is solid but questionable. 4 of the 5 RBs (Ballard, Bradshaw, Herron, and Rainey) ending up on season-ending Injury Reserve. Ballard is an overachieving backup RB who is physically limited but has great work ethic that propelled him into a starter. Bradshaw is a workhorse and tremendously gifted RB when healthy; the key word is healthy. Trent Richardson struggled mightily due to not knowing the playbook fully, lack of chemistry with the team, and most importantly; being a ZBS RB who is now running behind an under achieving PBS O-line. Herron and Rainey are reserve role players who might can make something happen barring they fully recovery from the injuries they both suffered.

Thomas is considered one of the most dynamic and fastest prospects in this year’s draft. His quickness, elusiveness, straight line speed, athleticism, and change of direction cutting ability is only rivaled by fellow prospect Dri Archer. He can make defenders miss in the open field with ease and can be a real threat in the return game for any Special Teams unit. His small frame and build makes him really easy to take down by defenders and will have lots of trouble breaking tackles at the NFL level. His soft hands and route running are deceptively good for a RB and Pep Hamilton will have a field day designing and drawing up plays that can utilize his skill-set in his "No Coast Offense".

7th Round (232nd Overall)

Brent Urban
6‘ 7" 298
University of Virginia

You can never have enough pass rushers in the NFL, getting to the QB is really vital for any defense to have success and make great strives to reach the Super Bowl and attain a victory. We have solid, high motor guys like Arthur Jones and Cory Redding. Ricky Jean-Francois shows good versatility and has progressed well since becoming a starter despite missing a few games, we have a starter worthy depth guy like Fili Moala but the defense can use another one with great upside.

Urban has prototypical size, speed, and athleticism to play 3-4 DE at the next level. He displays astonishing versatility by being able to to lineup as a 4-3 DE, 4-3 DT or 3-4 DT. He’s real raw but has an extreme amount of potential to excel at the next level, if Da’Rick Rogers was a DE; his name would be Brent Urban. His upside puts him between Arthur Jones and Houston Texans elite star DE J.J. Watt.

Rookie Undrafted Free Agents:

Torin Harris, CB
6‘1" 196
University of Southern California

Ciante Evans, CB
5‘ 10" 185
University of Nebraska

Tyler Larsen, Center
6‘ 4" 313
Utah State University

Craig Sanders, DE/OLB
6‘3" 247
Auburn University

Mike Pennel, DT/NT
6‘ 4" 332
Colorado State University at Pueblo

Kedrick Rhodes, RB
5‘ 10" 203
University of West Alabama

Reggie Jordan, TE/FB
6‘ 3" 244
Missouri Western State University

Erik Lora, WR
5‘ 10" 203
Eastern Illinois University

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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