Feed Moncrief and the Value of a College Fan Base's Opinion

In the interest of full disclosure, I am NOT from the state of Mississippi. I did, however, marry a Mississippi girl, and Mississippi girls are worth the move. I have lived here for 10 years now, and teach at an Ole Miss satellite campus. Ole Miss stuff is in my face on a daily basis, and I have no reason to resent that. I have spent the better part of the last five years sitting in the same spot in The Grove and watching hours of college football. I am not an Ole Miss fan per se, and find the entirety of the SEC a little crazy and delusional, especially the emphasis put on the actions of 18-22 year old kids. (Actually, since recruiting has exploded, the actions of 16-22 year old kids.)

Having said all of that, I have found that my friends (all decently obsessive in their dedication to Ole Miss) have a quality very similar to those of us who frequent this board. They are very HONEST when it comes to the players, coaches, and administrators responsible for the football program. They will tell you what they think, and have no qualms about doing so.

Here's what I have learned about the entire OIe Miss fan base as it pertains to the last four years: to a man (or woman), they all LOVE Donte Moncrief. No matter what else may be argued about, no matter what else may be universally complained about, love for Donte Moncrief is a uniting principal of a generally divided fanbase.

(Side note: I have seen similar sentiments from Ohio State fans concerning Jack Mewhort, which is encouraging.)

This is a video that was created by two goofball students with no musical talent. They had an idea, and enough connections to make it work. They got a few students involved, printed a slew of t-shirts, and made a video. It became an absolute phenomenon on and around campus, and essentially a battle cry in Oxford.

If the offense is sputtering, feed Moncrief. If we need a boost in the fourth quarter, feed Moncrief. If the economy tanks, feed Moncrief. If the unemployment rate is too high, feed Moncrief. If Mississippi ranks last in whatever government statistics were just released, hey, don't worry about it. Feed Moncrief.

Basically, all the world's ills can be solved with one simple plan: Feed Moncrief.

Moncrief did not get fed enough this year in Oxford. Freshman phenom Laquan Treadwell, who looks for all the world like an NFL star of the future, took a lot of the glory away. Some said Moncrief played not to get hurt, ala Clowney. But if you watch the tape, you will notice that the defense always schemed to stop Moncrief, allowing Treadwell to be open. With so many weapons at WR for the Colts, scheming to stop one guy may no longer be possible.

Here is the tape of his sophomore game against Mississippi State. Quick history: the state of Mississippi is a war zone. Ole Miss can go literally 1-11, as long as the one is against Mississippi State (and vice versa). The smack talk goes on around the clock and throughout the calendar. It divides family, friends, colleagues, and churches. Mississippi State was much better than Ole Miss at the time of this video, and was being considered for a New Year's Day bowl. The talk from Bulldogs fans, players, and their horribly arrogant coach was condescending and downright nasty. The pressure was HUGE for OIe Miss, trying to avoid a fourth straight loss to State. Ole Miss was barely in bowl contention, and losing the recruiting battle every year. Then this happened:

Friends, this is a new era of Colts football. I know how much the departure of Peyton Manning hurt; I felt it. The emergence of Andrew Luck eased the pain. We will eventually be dealing with the loss of our friend and hero Reggie Wayne. There is, however, a solution to this problem:

Feed Moncrief.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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