CAeveryday's Way Too Early Depth Chart

Because, why not? Here's how I think things could shake out this Summer heading into our game at Mile High for the Colts roster:



A couple of notes from the depth chart:

  • Moncrief was an absolute steal for the Colts in the 3rd round, and he'll definitely get some playing time this season as he learns from the likes of Wayne and Nicks. He also pushes out Brazill and Whalen, who will be battling Rogers for the 5th spot all camp, who I think has the most upside right now. Since we Pep likes to run a two-TE set often, I only see 5 WR's making the roster with a 3rd TE, Saunders. Aside from Luck, the recwiving corps is the crowned jewel of the Colts team.
  • Like most NFL teams, the Colts will be running-back by committee and I think we're all hoping Richardson finds himself a comfort zone. Based on the offseason reports, it looks like he is working hard and heading in the right direction. Ballard will most likely split a lot of reps with Bradshaw as an equal option. Hopefully they can stay healthy this year.
  • Mewhort likely takes over the starting OG job from Holmes, who showed potential but also showed he is on a steeper learning curve than we hoped for. Nixon flashed promise as a backup who can play both Left and Right Tackle, and with Holmes being the biggest question mark as a most-likely starter at Center, I can see UDFA Harrison making the roster by default. He can also swing out to Guard if need be. Lots of versatility on this O-Line. The starting 5 should be no surprise...
  • Defensive line looks to be in a better situation this season, heading in with newly signed Arthur Jones and the reliable Cory Redding. Chapman might be the default starter at NT, but look for UDFA Kerr (another steal) to make the team and possibly push Chapman for a starting role. You'll love the scouting report on him. RJF was a player we were all excited about, but didn't really live up the hype. While his contract says more than "backup", he should become a more comfortable and reliable player as he will get a lot of rotation time.
  • Mathis is still the household name at OLB. Year 2 for Werner will be very important to see if he is going to boom or bust, and I have him behind Walden, even though he'll be more of a pass rush guy. He had better be ready to show he has what it takes, because newly drafter Newsome could sneak up on him and take away rushing down responsibilities. Adongo is kind of my sleeper pick here, as I think he'll contribute more on special teams early on as he continues to learn.
  • ILB seems pretty locked down with FA Jackson and Freeman all but guaranteed starting spots and Sheppard and McNary sitting behind them. I can see rookie Andrew Jackson getting some rotation as a backup as well, especially on running downs.
  • Safety simply scares the crap out of me... Landry has talent and can be a hard hitting monster, but unfortunately he's injured too much to count on. That leaves Howell as the opposite Safety and likely Lynch, Anderson, and Brown as the backups. This is hands down the achilles heal of the Colts team this coming season. Fingers crossed for a diamond or two to appear.
  • Safety is another concerning area, but less so than safety. Davis is our reliable #1 and Toler starting opposite him, assuming he can stay healthy (which we all have serious doubts he can). If healthy, Toler can be a solid player. With the league becoming more of a pass happy affair, you almost need three reliable Corners. Right now we can safely say the Colts have one... Butler and Gordy are decent backups and can be plugged in on occasion. My personal love affair here is UDFA Purifoy. Similar to Davis and Rogers, Purifoy has had some personal issues with honestly and drug use. If he can get straightened out in a healthy environment like the Colts, I can seriously see Pogano turning him into a major role player on next years roster. He could see time as backup-CB, kick returner, and special teams. Without the off the field problems, he's an easy 3rd/4th rounder and is a low-risk high-reward prospect that has a high enough ceiling to be great.
What are your thoughts? Who would you add or remove from the team. The starting 22 seem to be pretty well locked up, but the Colts have a lot of intriguing options to play with as depth.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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