Twas The Night Before the Draft

2nd Round

Deone Bucannon SS 6'1/211

Its really a toss up between him and Brooks. I like that Bucannon was a 3 year captain (experience and leadership) and doesn't have a injury issue. He is a great fit for our system of interchangeable safeties. He has a nack for creating turnovers and we could really use that.

Verdict: Immediate Starter


Kony Ealy OLB 6'4/273

This is a project but with his size and speed he could be Mathis successor. I think if we draft him it might take the whole 3 years to determine if he is a bust. His potential and the idea of having an Aldon Smith type LB is something we can't pass on if Deone Bucannon is off the board.

3rd round

Tiny Richardson OT 6'5/366

I think this is a steal in the 3rd. He is a dancing bear might need to refine technique a little while in NFL. Everyone looking to draft a Guard should look at our tackle depth. If AC or Cherilus goes down we are shit out of Luck literally. He played bout zone and power blocking schemes. I would like to sit him for as long as possible so he could heal his knee. Next year if we cut Cherilus we save 3 million a year with Reggie Wayne off the books plus 3 million we could resign Nicks or go for Orakpo during FA.

Verdict: Should start next Year


Marqueston Huff, S or CB 5'11/196

Its crazy to think we could get a starting safety in the later rounds but history repeats itself we can(AB was a 6th rounder also). Marqueston has great speed and shown the ability to cover all sizes. His hands are small and he can be a liability when it comes to tackling. His ball skills and instincts will make up for the areas he falls short in.

5th round

Terrance Mitchel CB 5'11/192

We have to draft a db this draft. Mitchel fits our press man scheme. He is long and athletic enough to hang with 3s and some #2s in the league.

Verdict: Depth behind Toler (we see playing time)

Telvin Smith, ILB 6'3/218(trade next year 4th for a 5th)

Great in coverage and in space. He is built like a strong safety and there are comparisons between him and Cam Chancelor. He can add weight to his frame. Does struggle to get low against ball carrier and I have seen him get over powered by some rbs. He does wrap up and seems to have a nose for the ball. With a recent failed drug test he should be available

Verdict: Could push Jackson for starter but FO won't let that happen. Should see some playing time and Special teams play.

6th round

Andre Hal CB 5'10/188

Double down like KFC. He has great mirroring skills but his height is a issue.

Verdict: depth but could help out in the return game

7th round

George Atkinson 3rd RB/KR 6'1/218

He can immediately help our return game and may provide us with a speed back as well. When he finds the hole he hits it and had great straight line speed (was on ND track team)

Verdict: Special Teams, but hopefully he is ready if his number is called.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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