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Game chat- Colts v. Titans

Game thread.


Game thread- Colts v. Cardinals

Game thread.

Early games open thread

Game thread


Game thread: Colts at Titans

Game thread

Week 9 game thread

Game thread.

Week 8 game thread

Game thread.


2012 NFL Preseason: Indianapolis Colts At Washington Redskins

The Colts take on the Redskins today at 4:00 PM ET, and the match-up will feature the No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks in the 2012 NFL Draft, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.


2012 NFL Preseason: Indianapolis Colts At Pittsburgh Steelers

Open thread- Colts at Steelers, preseason.

Colts Press Conference To Announce The Release Of Peyton Manning- Open Thread

This is your open thread to talk, ruminate, reminisce, and speculate as Jim Irsay and the Colts announce that they will be releasing Peyton Manning. Manning is scheduled to become an unrestricted...

Colts Press Conference Announcing Firing Of Bill And Chris Polian- Open Thread

The firing of Bill and Chris Polian today is as big a news story as any game played this year by the Colts. Thus, the 5:00 p.m. press conference the Colts have scheduled today to discuss the...


Say YES To Christmas Eve NFL Football!!!

Open thread for Christmas Eve NFL games.

2011 NFL Week 4 TV Schedule, Lines, And Picks- Open Thread

Can the Steelers make it three wins in a row in Houston? Can the Bills and Lions go on the road and improve their record to 4-0? Will the Patriots bounce back after blowing a 21-0 lead to Buffalo last week? All storylines in Week 4 of the NFL.

2011 NFL Pro Bowl: Peyton Manning Coached By Bill Belichick- Open Thread

2011 NFL Pro Bowl, open thread.

2011 East-West Shrine Bowl Game Thread

If you haven't already, and if you'll allow me the opportunity to shamelessly promote my own work, check out our 2011 East-West Shrine Game preview. After that, feel free to tune in to NFL Network...

NFL Week Sixteen: Early Games Discussion

NFL Week Sixteen: Early Games Discussion

2010 College Football Week Twelve- Open Thread

We have some pretty involved previews up over at SB Nation Indiana for several of the Big Ten games today. Matt also has a preview for the Notre Dame v. Army game at Yankee Stadium. Speaking of...

2010 NFL Week Nine Early Games- Open Thread

Key early game match-ups for this NFL Week Nine are Chargers at Texans, Dolphins at Ravens, and Patriots at Browns. Use this thread to chit-chat away about the early games while you gear up for...

2010 NFL Week Eight- Open Thread

If you all have been wondering where I've been, have no further worries. My in-laws are in town and I've taken a little mini-vacation from the blog as I re-charge my batteries. The Colts play...

Week Seven: Bye Week For Colts- Open Thread

Open thread for the Week Seven NFL games.

NFL Week Six Early Game- Open Thread

Key early games on the Week Six plate include Chiefs at Texans, Ravens at Patriots, and Browns at Steelers. It will be interesting to see how effective Ben Roethlisberger coming back from his...

NFL Week Four: Early Games- Open Thread

NFL Week Four: Early Games- Open Thread.

2010 NFL Week Three: Open Thread

Several key early NFL games in Week Three.

2010 Monday Night Football: Saints At 49ers- Open Thread

Interesting to see if Mike Singletary's big mouth will key his 49ers team to a home win over the defending champs, the Saints.

2010 NFL Week Two Late Games- Open Thread

The Cowboys are 0-2. The Vikings are 0-2. But, the Buccaneers (who look awful) and the Chiefs (who can't throw the football) are 2-0. Joe Flacco threw 4 INTs today, and Michael Vick sure as hell...

2010 NFL Week Two Early Games- Open Thread

Early game match-ups this weekend include Bengals at Ravens as well as Vikings at Dolphins. Colts play this evening on Sunday Night Football. Enjoy the early games.


2010 NFL Week One: Indianapolis Colts (0-0) At Houston Texans (0-0)- Open Thread

The 2010 NFL regular season begins today for our Indianapolis Colts.

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