Colts Analysis

Chuck Pagano struggling to coach with a lead


Of the six games Chuck Pagano has coached, the Colts have blown double-digit leads in half of them.

Colts defense is still shaky, lacking pass rush


Chuck Pagano's coaching left a lot to be desired in the Colts' Week One victory over the Raiders.

Offensive Players On The Rise


With three preseason games left, several unheralded Colts offensive players are looking good. Thankfully, two of them are offensive linemen.

The Colts May Have A Problem With Pass Rush


Without Dwight Freeney in the lineup, the Colts will have to rely on several less-established players to rush the quarterback this season. Can they really do it?

Get To Know An Undrafted Free Agent: Allen Chapman


Allen Chapman was the only tryout player the Colts signed after their rookie minicamp in May. Can the underdog prospect stick around into the season?

Get To Know An Undrafted FA: Lanear Sampson


There isn't a position on the Colts roster begging for more depth than wide receiver. A player like undrafted free agent Lanear Sampson has a great opportunity to fill that hole this season.

Get To Know An Undrafted Free Agent: Emmett Cleary


Andrew Luck now has a pair of former Boston College players protecting him in Anthony Castonzo and Gosder Cherilus. Will Emmett Cleary become the third BC offensive lineman on the roster this year?

Get To Know An Undrafted Free Agent: Dax Swanson


A cool name to go along with a decent chance of making the final roster. Dax Swanson is a player to watch heading into training camp.

What Vontae Davis Has To Improve On Next Season


As Vontae Davis heads into his second season with the Colts, it's time to examine the expectations for him as the team's No. 1 cornerback.

Grigson: Ijalana is a big question mark


The Colts general manager does not give Ben Ijalana a ringing endorsement.


Ben Ijalana: Possible X-Factor


Don't get your hopes up on Ijalana, but if he can get healthy and start playing effectively, then maybe he can make a difference in 2013.

Raiders aparently wish they were the Colts


Per a report from Yahoo! Sports' Mike Silver, a document originating from a frustrated Raiders employee compared the Raiders' rebuilding efforts to those of the Indianapolis Colts. The results did...

TE Coby Fleener could be poised for a big year


With former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and former Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, former Stanford tight end Coby Fleener could be poised for a big year in 2013 after a somewhat...

Colts D.C. Greg Manusky Wants To See 'Violence' From His Defense Against Rams


Colts defensive coordinator Greg Manusky wants "violence" from his defense Sunday against the Rams.

Adam Vinatieri: Andrew Luck Is 'A Younger Peyton Manning'


Adam Vinatieri compares Andrew Luck to Peyton Manning.

Is Andrew Luck Good Or Is The Colts Defense Simply That BAD?


Is Andrew Luck looking good at Colts training camp because the secondary is just THAT bad?

Podcast: Talking Eagles Players And Colts Players With Bleeding Green Nation


Podcast with Jason Brewer of Bleeding Green Nation and SB Nation Philly.

Dwayne Allen Was Initially Apprehensive About Being Drafted By Colts After They Took Coby Fleener


Dwayne Allen knows where he will fit in with this Colts offense.

Message To Colts Players: If You Suck, You Get Shipped Out


Ryan Grigson is sending a message to his players: Play well, or you're gone.

Colts O.C. Bruce Arians Likes What He Sees At Training Camp


Bruce Arians likes what he is seeing so far at Colts training camp.

Podcast Special: Interviews With Rotoworld's Evan Silva And's Chris B. Brown


Stampede Blue interviews Rotowworld's Evan Silva and's Chris B. Brown.

Peyton Manning Was Reportedly 'Very Skeptical' Of Colts OG Ben Ijalana Who Is Apparently So Bad He 'Can't Play Dead'


Ben Ijalana had the makings of a bust even before the knee injuries, wasn't thought much of by former quarterback Peyton Manning.

Colts Dwight Freeney Is Embracing The Linebacker Position, Sort Of


Dwight Freeney will spend 75% of the game doing what he's always done: Rush the QB from a three-point stance.

SB Nation: Why The Colts Will Make The Playoffs In 2012


SB Nation breaks down how the 2012 Colts could make the post-season.

Tom Zbikowski: I Lost My Edge In Baltimore


Tom Zbikowski admits that he lost his edge in Baltimore, took his job for granted, and it cost him.

The Part Where Nate Dunlevy And I Agree [UPDATE]


The Colts ridiculous media policies need to be adjusted.

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