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Scouting Report: Robert Alford - CB, SE Louisiana


Small school guys that work their tail off and succeed with the big boys are guys to watch out for in the draft. Robert Alford is one of those guys, as he impressed scouts twice this offseason.

It seems Jim Irsay is no fan of read-option


Irsay takes a not-so-subtle shot at the pistol, read-option offense coordinated by Mike and Kyle Shanahan in Washington.

Colts maybe want Cary Williams... maybe


Ravens corner Cary Williams won a Super Bowl this year, and it could not have happened at a better time for him. The 6'1, 190 lbs corner will hit free agency when the new league begins March 12th,...

Free Agent Film Study: Paul Kruger a Fit?


This is one of the more exciting times right now for Colts fans. With lots of cap space and a general manager willing to make a splash, Stampede Blue will analyze possible free agent fits. First up...

Scouting Report: Alvin Bailey - OG, Arkansas


A starting OL found in the 4th Round? Colts need to take advantage if Alvin Bailey is there to select.

Jerry Hughes May Get 1st Shot at Replacing Freeney


Depending on the moves that the Colts make at outside linebacker, Jerry Hughes may very well get the first shot to replace Dwight Freeney.

Scouting Report: Jordan Poyer - CB, Oregon State


Nowadays you need three CBs to start with all the spread offense they see in the NFL. Jordan Poyer would start Day 1 for the Colts, if he can last until the 3rd Round.

Scouting Report: Dion Jordan - OLB, Oregon


While he most likely won't be there for the Colts to choose at pick #24, Dion Jordan would be a great complement to Robert Mathis at OLB.

Irsay: Polian wanted to trade Peyton in 2004


In 2004, frustrated team president Bill Polian told Colts owner Jim Irsay that he wanted to trade franchise quarterback Peyton Manning. Grab your popcorn. This is a good one.

Devil's Take - Fixing The Run Game


Can adding another RB, even a superstar RB, fix the Colts run game woes?

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