Derrick Hawkins


Also known as Devils Reject.


Devil's Take - Week 3 Recap


Welcome to this week's Devil's Take! Today, the Colts played like absolute crap for about half the game, the Jaguars steal one, and the blind mice in the zebra suits need to go. I hope you are as...

Devil's Take - Austin Collie


The Colts have a decision to make regarding Austin Collie, and it should be looking to move him.

Devil's Take - Week 2 Recap


Welcome to the Week 2 edition of The Devil's Take. This week, the Colts played better and managed to grind out a win over a surprisingly comical Vikings team. How else can one describe the stat...

Devil's Take - Week One


Welcome to the first official Devil's Take as me being a contributing writer here at Stampede Blue. My apologies to all for the late entry this week, I've been sick with a pretty wicked migraine....


Devil's Take - Colts Misconceptions and Issues

Welcome to the Devil's Take! Can you smell it? Football is in the air once more, as OTAs have officially started. Already we have tweets out of camp that say the Colts lineup is coming together,...


Devil's Take - The hated Donald Brown

Welcome to a very thought provoking Devil's Take. Today's article targets one of the sore subjects of the Colts recent draft struggles, Mr. Donald Brown. Now, you may ask why would I do this? The...


Devil's Take - Colts 2012 Draft and status quo

Welcome to the first post Manning era Devil's Take. I'd be lying if I said I'm happy about that decision, but ultimately, it wasn't my call. The Colts 2012 draft has been over for about a week. The...


Devil's Take - So who's the new coach for the Colts?

So as many of you know by now, Jim Caldwell was let go by the Colts today via here. That leaves the Colts in an interesting position having just interviewed a former head coach and defensive...


JIM CALDWELL FIRED The Indianapolis Colts Release Jim Caldwell Posted by coltsindianapolis on ...


The Devil's Take - Beyond 2 and 14....

Welcome to the first official Devil's Take in quite some time. With Manning out for the season, I personally knew that this would be a waste of time trying to debate/comment on most of these...

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